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With Google Web Designer you can make use of adverts in HTML5 on your website. Download Google Web Designer for free to create adverts using HTML5


Create adverts for your site in HTML5

April 21, 2021
9 / 10

HTML5 offers web developers many advantages. Thanks to Google Web Designer you will be able to create adverts for your website in a professional yet simple manner using HTML5.

Forget about Flash adverts.

Playing Flash on webpages can lead to compatibility, usability and accessibility problems, among others. However, it is often used on the web for advertising banners, for instance. Although this format refuses to disappear, you now have an alternative to insert adverts on your web: Google Web Designer.

Google Web Designer allows you to create appealing interactive graphic designs, fully developed making the most of the possibilities of HTML5.

Features of Google Web Designer

  • Complete 3D design environment.
  • Creations compatible with all sorts of devices.
  • Runs with HTML5 and CSS3, focused on design.
  • Possibility to edit the code of your designs.
  • Includes two creation modes: Quick, in which you will work scene by scene; and Advanced, that allows you to animate elements individually be means of layers.
  • Possibility to import illustrations from other work suites.

By downloading Google Web Designer for free you will have the best option to create adverts in HTML5.

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