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Greenstone is at the same time a book control system for libraries and an information server. With Greenstone you'll be able to create your own collection


Control the contents of a library

March 9, 2021
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When it comes to controlling the contents of a library it's necessary have a database that is properly configured for this purpose, thanks to Greenstone this task will become much easier.

An international project

With the backing of UNESCO, the developers of the New Zeland Digital Library Project from the University of Waikato have designed a perfect tool to control the contents of any library, distributing it at an International level.

This pack of software includes various programs, each one with its own purpose:

  • A server to be able to offer the collections to multiple computers at the same time.
  • A client to show all the information to the users.
  • Metadata editor, to be able to control the contents of the collections more effectively.
  • The collection creator, that is the main element of the whole project.

From the collection creator you'll be able to input all sorts of books with all their corresponding information. What's more, Greenstone includes the option to import the contents of PDF, HTML, DOC or JPEG files among other formats, adapting them to its own search format.

Therefore, if you need a program that allows you to control and quickly access the contents of a library, download Greenstone.

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Antony Peel