International vehicles maintenance

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International vehicles maintenance allows us to get hold of templates to monitor everything concerning a fleet of vehicles, such as inspections and repairs


Excel template to control the maintenance and repairs of a fleet of vehicles

May 18, 2018
7 / 10

This isn't exactly software, it's a zipped file in which you'll find a pack of Excel templates that you can use to control the maintenance of your car, relative to any spare parts or repairs you've had to carry out, or even the money invested.

Up to 50 cars, the perfect tool for a garage

The International vehicles maintenance pack allows you to keep an exhaustive control of up to 50 vehicles. And although it can be used by any car owner, it's especially useful for whoever has to run a business that has a fleet of vehicles.

  • Control vehicles.
  • Keep strict control of employees with access to the latter.
  • Check everything concerning spare parts suppliers.
  • Monthly expenses on repairs.
  • Dates to check the oil and tyres.
  • MOT, transport permissions, insurance...
  • Vehicle maintenance due to mileage.

The templates come along with preset formulas to carry out automatic calculations that have to be purchased, as well as different stats. All in all, there are over 20 different models that are ideal for everything concerning car, truck and motorbike maintenance.

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