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Downloading Guitar Tuner is something necessary to properly tune any string instrument. Start tuning your guitars and basses thanks to Guitar Tuner


How to tune your guitar or any other string instrument

January 2, 2017
8 / 10

String instruments need a tuner for their sound to be as good as possible. That is why professionals and enthusiasts of guitars, basses and other instruments of this family, who need to make sure their instruments are always in tune require an application like Guitar Tuner, much more comfortable than other online versions as you can use it without an Internet connection.

Accoustic, Spanish, Classic, Electric... you con tune guitar with this automatic tuner.

It's a PC software application that is capable of tuning string instruments in several open-tunings. Download Guitar Tuner and you'll be able to tune guitars, basses, mandolins, violins, ukeleles, banjos...

Main features

  • String instrument tuner.
  • Train your music memory by playing tones.
  • Chromatic keyboard to create customized tunings.
  • Chromatically tune instruments using the keyboard, and not via open-tunings.

How this guitar tuner works

Guitar Tuner generates string tones that you'll be able to listen to as a reference to tune your own instrument. In a few minutes, your instruments will be in perfect conditions to be played.

Develop your hearing capacity.

Not everyone has the hearing sensibility necessary to tune a guitar. If this is your case, don't limit yourself to using Guitar Tuner just to tune the instrument: the software is perfectly valid as a tone memorizing tool, thus you'll be able to exercise your musical memory.

The truth is that this program is very useful if we work with a computer nearby... but what if we don't have our PC at hand? There's no problem at all because there are other alternative tuners for Android that only require you to download their APK to your phone. For instance, Guitar Tuner GuitarTuna is a great app you can download to your smartphone or tablet to combine with this program.

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