GuitarTM is a useful tool that will allow you to tune your guitar very easily. Download GuitarTM free on your PC and check out its complete metronome


A complete tuner and a metronome for your guitar

March 9, 2010
8 / 10

Two elements that are essential to any guitarist, as well as his guitar, are the metronome, thanks to which he can follow the rhythm and play following the tempo, and a tuner, thanks to which he can keep his instrument in tone.

Tune your guitar and keep the tempo

You can find these two elements in GuitarTM, a practical utility that integrates into the same interface, that is very simple and intuitive, a simple metronome and chromatic tuner. The metronome has options to modify the tempo and the cadence so that we aren't limited to 4/4 rhythms. It also includes an option to stress the first step of the beat or so that it is the computer's internal speaker that plays it.

In what regards to the tuner, it has an adjustment per string, something that will be very useful for those guitarists that are used to digital tuners, so that we won't have to indicate each time what note each string corresponds to.

If you like to play the guitar and you are looking for a solution to have it tuned at all times and to be able to practice with a metronome, download GuitarTM.

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