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Create photograph galleries ready to be published over Internet

January 28, 2020
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HTTPhotos is a light application to provide a pleasant and dynamic way to create your own online photography galleries. Without a doubt, its simplicity and ease of use are two great advantages for any user that wants to organize his digital images, in very little time, to be able to create compilations ready to be published on the web.

Generate image galleries for the web

The process to have an online photograph gallery available consists in selecting the images, completing the necessary small enhancements to the photographs, add watermarks, generating miniatures,... and, afterward, apply transitions and effects to show the images. The last step is to publish the finished presentation on the web. All the actions can be completed from this simple application.

An interesting feature of HTTPhotos is that when we pass the mouse over a miniature, a series of icons will appear on it, thanks to which we will be able to mark it as favorite, exclude it from the presentation that we are working on, rotate it or view it in a bigger size to apply some enhancements: black and white, crop, focus,...

Discover how to create photo galleries for the web without having to program nor using complex applications, all thanks to HTTPhotos.

Requirements and additional information:

  • To publish the photographs in the service offered by the application it is necessary to register.
  • It is necessary to have Flash to be able to view the presentations that we generate.
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