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iSpy will allow you to control a full security system from your computer. After you download iSpy for free nothing will happen without you finding out


Turn your computer into a security system

January 9, 2024
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Are you looking for a security system that you will be able to control from your computer? Are you interested in using your webcam as a video surveillance camera? iSpy is the application for you.

By means of an advanced configuration system, iSpy will allow the user to control a large amount of security cameras to view everything that is happening at the location of his/her choice.

With iSpy you can use several systems to be able to receive the video and audio signal:

  • Webcams and microphones connected to the computer it is installed on.
  • The signal from an IP camera.
  • A microphone.
  • A camera signal received via VLC.
  • Webcams and cameras connected to other computers.

Furthermore, iSpy allows the user to define a floorplan of the areas under surveillance to be able to show on a drawing the images that belong to each camera.

Once the cameras are connected to the application, iSpy can define whether those that are prepared for this purpose will move following the people and animals that move in front of the camera, or if it focuses its image receiver on people's faces.

Therefore, if you want to have an advanced surveillance system on your computer, you only have to download iSpy.

Requirements and additional information:

  • This download requires a ZIP compatible compressor.
Héctor Hernández

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Antony Peel