Minimal ADB and Fastboot

1.4.3 Minimal ADB and Fastboot is a lightweight tool that allows us to carry out actions on our Android device such as rooting it or unlocking its bootloader
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ADBO and Fastboot are tools used by advanced Android users who require to modify their operating systems, such as unlocking the bootloader, rooting it, rebooting it in recovery mode, making backups... the thing is that they both require the installation of the full Android SDK.

Lightweight version of Fastboot and ADB for Android

However, there's a minimalistic tool that simplifies the whole process. We're talking about Minimal ADB and Fastboot which provides us with all the tools included in these two programs but in under 2MBs.

But this also entails a problem, such as not being able to update this tool with SDK. However, its developers are continuously releasing updates, allowing us to work with the newest Android versions.

As you can imagine, this software is definitely not user-friendly, at least for newbies in this field. It has to be managed through a command console and to use it we need to meet the following requirements, some of which are quite obvious:

  • Your smartphone has to be connected to your PC.
  • You have to enable USB Debugging from the developer options.
  • You need to have the corresponding drivers installed on your computer.
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