The best iTube tips and tricks for Android

iTube is an interesting alternative to the official Youtube client. It has a simple interface and a search engine capable of locating any content available on the platform. However, what makes it really attractive are its added features.

There are at least two features that have made many users opt for iTube. The first of them is the possibility of listening to music (and any other content) without the need for an Internet connection. A single playback is enough for this utility to store the video in the internal memory of your device, as a cache. On the other hand, it is capable of keeping the audio in the background. Thus, the music will continue to play, even when you use another application or turn off the screen.

With the premise of helping you get the most out of iTube for Android, we have prepared a complete series of articles with all kinds of tricks. Starting with the basics, we will show you how you can install this application on your device by downloading its APK from a safe source. We also give you a hand with the most common tasks, such as downloading a YouTube video or playing any content in the background. In addition, you will find a complete user guide designed to help you take your first steps with iTube. Finally, we address crucial issues such as privacy, security, and the legality of this application.

If the official YouTube client has fallen short for you, iTube could be the solution. Remember that to download this application, it is necessary to use an alternative to the Google Play Store, such as its official page or the Galaxy Store, if you have a Samsung. However, the easiest and safest way to get the iTube APK is by using the servers of Malavida, thanks to the link you have on this page.

How to download music with iTube

iTube lets the user directly obtain files hosted on YouTube. That is, it does not have a button to start downloading a video and let the user choose the format, as some alternatives do. The primary mission of iTube is to play content, not to download it. However, it does have a Cache Mode, which saves all videos you play in the cache to avoid downloading again. You can activate this function from the settings menu by checking the corresponding checkbox.


How to cache videos on iTube

iTube is not a video downloading tool. Its main purpose is actually the playback of content, such as music or podcasts, that are hosted on YouTube. The main attraction of this tool is the possibility of listening to the audio of any video in the background, that is, while using another application or when turning off the phone screen. However, although it does not have a direct download button, it does save your content in the cache. This ensures a lower impact on your data rate, as it prevents the same files from being downloaded over and over again. It also lets the user play any video without an Internet connection.


How to download videos from YouTube with iTube

iTube is primarily a player for content hosted on YouTube. It is focused on music, letting the user play audio in the background and without ads. Although there is no direct download button for the contents, there is an option that stores the videos as a cache. This avoids downloading the same file over and over again. By default, this option is enabled. To check if it is enabled, tap on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the home screen, and in the context menu, make sure that the Cache Mode checkbox is checked.


How to watch videos offline with iTube

iTube does not have a specific download function. In fact, the main purpose of this tool is to play the content hosted on YouTube while providing some additional functions. Although it has no download button, by default, it stores the videos in the internal memory of the device, as a cache. Thus, it reduces data consumption, avoiding multiple downloads of the same content. Of course, this lets the user play it offline, that is, without an Internet connection.


How to listen to music in the background with iTube

One of the features that make so many users turn to applications such as iTube, is the ability to play music in the background. This means that even when you exit the application or turn off the screen, the audio will continue to play. The first thing to do is to locate the music you want to play. To do this, use the search engine at the top of the home screen.


Is iTube really safe?

iTube is a safe application. There are no user reports that indicate otherwise. Also, although it is not an application that is available in the Google Play Store, it can be downloaded from recognized platforms, such as the Galaxy Store, the Samsung application store.


How to install iTube

The installation of iTube follows a similar pattern to the rest of the applications. Indeed, it is not possible to download this tool from the Google Play Store. However, you can have it if you download its installation file or APK. Do it safely and quickly using the link on this page.


Is iTube legal?

Downloading and installing iTube is not illegal unless your country has expressly prohibited its use. However, this app does violate both the terms and conditions of YouTube, which prevents it from being available on the Google Play Store. You can still get iTube from other sources, such as Malavida or the Galaxy Store, the Samsung app store.


How to use iTube

iTube has a very simple operation. If you look at its main screen, it is nothing more than the search page of the application.


How to get iTube on iOS (iPhone/iPad)

iTube is an application designed specifically for Android. This means that your installation file in APK format is only compatible with devices running the Google operating system. Apparently, years ago, there was a version of iTube for iOS that worked after jailbreaking. However, nowadays, we can say that iTube for iOS does not exist, that is, it can be installed neither on iPhone nor on iPad.


What is iTube and what's it for?

iTube is a music player that is powered by the content hosted on YouTube. In fact, it is presented as a powerful alternative to the official client, incorporating some additional features that are not present in the YouTube application.


February 11, 2021. Translated by Manuel Sánchez