Video Applications for Android

Play, edit or convert any recording to different file formats thanks to these video applications that you can now download to your Android device

Vidmate 5.2104 English
Vidmate 5.2104

Download movies, music, and apps on your Android

TubeMate English

Download videos and songs from YouTube

YouTube 19.28.35 English
YouTube 19.28.35

The Google video portal app

CapCut 12.4.0 English
CapCut 12.4.0

Video editor with infinite possibilities

KineMaster English

Poweful and versatile video editing tool

VLC 3.5.4 English
VLC 3.5.4

The Android version of the best multimedia player

MX Player 1.85.10 English
MX Player 1.85.10

MX Player for Android can open any video file

Kodi 21.0 English
Kodi 21.0

An excellent media center for Android

Dailymotion 3.01.31 English
Dailymotion 3.01.31

Official app of the popular video portal

XRecorder English

Application to record the screen of what happens on your Android

VivaVideo 9.18.5 English
VivaVideo 9.18.5

The best video editor for Android devices

MP3 Video Converter 2.2.2 English

Convert your videos to audio

DU Recorder English
DU Recorder

Easily record your Android's screen

Vido 2.1.0 English
Vido 2.1.0

Video editor with templates

Lomotif 2.37.0 English
Lomotif 2.37.0

Create short videos for social networks and chat apps

YouTube Vanced 17.03.38 English
YouTube Vanced 17.03.38

The YouTube client that blocks adverts

Videoder 1.0.3 English
Videoder 1.0.3

App to download videos from different websites

KeepVid English

Effective app for downloading videos and music from the Internet

Plex English

Control and play your media collection from your phone

iTube 4.0.4 English
iTube 4.0.4

Listen to YouTube music without an Internet connection

YouTube Go 3.25.54 English
YouTube Go 3.25.54

The official YouTube app to download videos

NewPipe 0.27.1 English
NewPipe 0.27.1

Download any video from YouTube

VAVOO 2.6 English

A complete media center for smartphones

Peggo 2.0.8 English
Peggo 2.0.8

Download video and audio from YouTube and SoundCloud

Wiseplay 8.1.34 English
Wiseplay 8.1.34

Multimedia player for Android

Video Format Factory 5.58 English

Simple and versatile video format converter for Android

AZ Screen Recorder - No Root 6.2.0 English

App to screencast your smartphone

V Recorder English
V Recorder

Record your Android screen and edit your videos

SnapTube English

Download videos from YouTube, TikTok, WhatsApp and more

Smart YouTube TV 21.91 English

YouTube client for TV Boxes and SmartTVs with Android

YouTube 19.28.35 English
YouTube Blue 16.16.38

An ad-free YouTube MOD and much more

VidNow English

Play and download YouTube videos

SmartTube Next 22.65 English

YouTube Alternative Customer

All Video Downloader 1.4.6 English

Application to download videos

YesTube 4.2902 English
YesTube 4.2902

Play and download videos from YouTube

Y2Mate 2.2 English
Y2Mate 2.2

Download videos from YouTube to Android

AirVid 1.6.5 English
AirVid 1.6.5

AI-powered video editor

You Tube Downloader 9.0 English

App to download videos from YouTube

YouTube++ 13.45.7 English
YouTube++ 13.45.7

YouTube MOD for downloading videos and accessing other functions

Pure Tuber English
Pure Tuber

Play and download YouTube videos on your Android

InsTube 2.6.6 English
InsTube 2.6.6

App to download video and audio from YouTube and other sites

ASD Player 4.3.19 English
ASD Player 4.3.19

Minimalist video player for Android

YMusic 3.8.15 English
YMusic 3.8.15

Play and download music from YouTube

HD YouTube Downloader 2.2 English

From YouTube to your phone with one tap

Private Video Downloader 5.8.0 English

Download videos from the Internet at the click of a button

Genyoutube 63.3 English

Client to download videos from YouTube

Magma Player 1.0.5 English

An efficient video player for Android

DailyTube English

Watch YouTube videos without ads and in a floating window

aTube Catcher 1.8 English

The Android version of the program to download videos from YouTube

Vanced Tuber English
Vanced Tuber

Watch ad-free YouTube videos and download them to your phone

Nodi 19.1.2 English
Nodi 19.1.2

A Kodi fork for Android

Live Stream Player 6.4 English

A live video and audio stream player

Video Guru 1.531.158 English
Video Guru 1.531.158

Full-featured video editor

URL Video Player 3.0 English

Video player for links

OFFMP4 0.9.1 English
OFFMP4 0.9.1

Tool for downloading premium videos on Android

XVideoStudio Video Editor 1.0 English

A video editor that does absolutely nothing

Wombo 3.1.1 English
Wombo 3.1.1

Make your selfies sing

OGYouTube 3.5 - 13.6 English
OGYouTube 3.5 - 13.6

A really complete YouTube mod

SaveFrom.Net 2.35 English

Download videos from the several sites on the Internet

ZAO 1.7.2 English
ZAO 1.7.2

A video editor that replaces the face of actors in movies with your face

Youtube Video Downloader 4.0.1 English

Download the entire YouTube with just one click

Node Video 6.41.0 English
Node Video 6.41.0

Versatile and powerful video editor for Android

YTD Video Downloader English

Download videos in an easy manner

FastVid: FB Video Downloader 4.3.2 English

Download Facebook videos to play them offline

IDM Videos Download Manager 6.27 English

Manager to download online videos

YouTube Kids 9.24.0 English
YouTube Kids 9.24.0

The YouTube version for children and young adults

Noizz 5.13.3 English
Noizz 5.13.3

Create short videos for your WhatsApp statuses

TikTok Studio 32.9.6 English

TikTok Creator Tools Collection

YouTube ReVanced 19.04.37 English

A YouTube mod with enhanced features

Vanced Tube 4.1.2 English

Play ad-free YouTube videos and music

SkyTube 2.989 English
SkyTube 2.989

An alternative open-source YouTube app

TubeX 1.8.1 English
TubeX 1.8.1

Download YouTube videos and enjoy them offline

HD Video Projector Simulator 1.6 English

Send your Android videos to other screens

Wink by Meitu English
Wink by Meitu

Excellent video editor with multiple resources

Vanced Kit for VideoTube English

Enjoy YouTube without ads

XPlayer English

Video player for Android that supports several formats

Samsung Video Library English

Video manager for Samsung phones

Filmora 13.6.50 English
Filmora 13.6.50

A fantastic and complete video editor for mobile phones

GoTube English

A YouTube client that offers more control over its videos

Blurrr 1.0.0-9 English
Blurrr 1.0.0-9

Create videos with a professional finish

MVBit 2.5.3 English
MVBit 2.5.3

Edit videos and content for your social network statuses

YouTube Pink 14.21.54 English
YouTube Pink 14.21.54

YouTube MOD with extra features, such as ad blocking

FocoDesign 1.14.0 English
FocoDesign 1.14.0

Amazing effects for your photos and videos

JanaTube English

The Arabic version of YouTube

Wuffy Media Player 3.5.7 English

A very complete video and audio player

Spy Camera OS 0.6.0 English

Record video discreetly

LibreTube 0.20.1 English
LibreTube 0.20.1

An alternative to YouTube Vanced

Mivi 2.32.699 English
Mivi 2.32.699

Create fantastic videos with your photos

VivaCut 3.7.3 English
VivaCut 3.7.3

Video editor with professional features

AyaTube 1.7.9 English
AyaTube 1.7.9

Download videos from your social networks

YTV Player 10.0 English

Video player that plays URLs

Kapwing 20 English

Video editor for beginners and professionals

Flvto YouTube Downloader English

Watch videos and download them from YouTube

Ult Downloader 1.64 English

Download videos at full speed

Ucmate 50.0 English
Ucmate 50.0

All kinds of Indonesian videos and songs

Winkit 1.8.0 English
Winkit 1.8.0

Edit your photos and videos with a professional finish

Seal 1.12.1 English
Seal 1.12.1

Tool for downloading music and videos from online platforms

arkTube 9.2 English
arkTube 9.2

App for downloading any YouTube video

Media ON 1.0.20 English
Media ON 1.0.20

Minimalist and efficient video player

Play Tube 1.0.8 English
Play Tube 1.0.8

Turn YouTube into your music player

SongTube 6.4.5 English
SongTube 6.4.5

App to download YouTube videos and manage your library

PowerTube 4.7.6 English
PowerTube 4.7.6

Download videos from YouTube, Facebook, and other sites

PLAYit English

High quality-video player for Android

MyGica 17.1 English
MyGica 17.1

A Kodi fork for Android

MP3 Video Converter Fundevs 2.6.9 English

Edit and convert video and audio files

Video Downloader for TikTok 1.4.4 English

Client to play and download TikTok videos

KW Downloader 3.1.1 English

Download videos for free and without watermark from TikTok

Video Downloader for Facebook 1.0.8 English

Download your favorite FB videos

PlayInn 1.26 English
PlayInn 1.26

Minimalist video and music player

Tmate 1.3.5 English
Tmate 1.3.5

Download TikTok videos free of watermarks

SAX Video Player 8.2 English

Excellent video player for Android

Fastest Video Downloader 1.4.7 English

Fast online video download client

SnapTik 1.8.4 English
SnapTik 1.8.4

Download videos from social media without watermark

Efiko 1.6.2 English
Efiko 1.6.2

Dazzling filters and effects for photos or videos

Video Lite 3.2 English

Powerful and lightweight video, photo, and music player

Adobe Premiere Rush English

Adobe's app to record videos and edit them on the fly

FREEdi YouTube Downloader 2.4.1 English

Download YouTube videos to your Android

KMPlayer 44.01.314 English
KMPlayer 44.01.314

A powerful video and audio player for Android

YouCut 1.624.1189 English
YouCut 1.624.1189

Video editor with multiple tools

SDownloader 1.2.6 English

Download videos and photos from all major platforms

VN Video Editor 2.2.7 English

A complete video editor for making your own movies

AnyVid 4.0.2 English
AnyVid 4.0.2

Download videos from websites like YouTube, Vimeo, TikTok, and Facebook

GPlayer 1.9.9 English
GPlayer 1.9.9

Watch videos while still using your Android for other things

DJI GO 4 4.3.37 English
DJI GO 4 4.3.37

App to record videos with DJI drones

VFly 5.5.5 English
VFly 5.5.5

Create videos from photos for your social networks based on templates

AllConnect 8.20 English

Keep all your multimedia devices connected

YouTube Ripper 1.1 English

Download videos from YouTube to Android

3D Player 1.2.4 English
3D Player 1.2.4

Simple audio and video player

YouTube Song Downloader 2.2.1 English

Download YouTube videos easily

Youtube MP3 1.01 English

Download the audio from your favorite YouTube videos

PowerDirector 14.1.0 English

CyberLink's tool to edit videos

AfreecaTV 7.16.9 English
AfreecaTV 7.16.9

Streaming video app with a wide range of contentsStreaming video app with a wide range of contents

File Downloader 1.0.0 English

Browser and downloader, all in one

FacePlay 3.9.4 English
FacePlay 3.9.4

An editor that allows you to put your face to any video

TV-TWO 1.6.0 English
TV-TWO 1.6.0

Earn money by watching videos

FvdTube 1.9.3 English
FvdTube 1.9.3

Download videos and songs from YouTube and Instagram, amongst other sites

Movie Studio 2.5.3 English

Convert your smartphone into a recording studio

ASTRON 1.0.7 English
ASTRON 1.0.7

Alternative YouTube client without advertising and allowing video downloading

Videoleap 1.31.1 English
Videoleap 1.31.1

Edit videos with a professional style from your smartphone

Viddit 2.54 English
Viddit 2.54

Share videos from the Reddit app and download to your phone

Vanced Manager 2.6.0 English

Tool for downloading, installing, and updating YouTube Vanced

YouTube Creator Studio 24.26.101 English

The app for managing your YouTube channel

OiTube English

Forget about YouTube ads

Flytube 1.11.RC1 English
Flytube 1.11.RC1

A YouTube player with floating windows

Xhub Video Player 1.0.10 English

Thousands of online videos ready to be downloaded

MadLipz 3.5.5 English
MadLipz 3.5.5

Create short videos with funny voiceovers

Funimate 13.2.0 English
Funimate 13.2.0

Funny effects for your videos

Media Player 3.0.9 English

Efficient multimedia player for mobile devices

RealPlayer English

Android version of this popular player

vimeo 10.9.0 English
vimeo 10.9.0

Share and manage your streaming videos