When you have been using Kodi for some time, you may want to reset the entire configuration and leave it as newly installed. With the right add-on, that is something easy to do.

Open Kodi and go to the home screen. Once there, click on the settings icon at the top of the side menu.

Access Kodi’s settings from the home screenAccess Kodi’s settings from the home screen

Click on the File Manager option in the new window.

Go to File ManagerGo to File Manager

We need to add a new source. Click on Add source in the list on the left side of the interface.

Press Add sourcePress Add source

Click on None at the top of the pop-up window to be able to type in the URL of your new source.

Press here to add a URL sourcePress here to add a URL source

Now, type in the text box http://fusión.addonstv.co/ and press Ok.

Type in the web address we’re providing you withType in the web address we’re providing you with

Back in the previous window, now click on the box below.

Give your new source a nameGive your new source a name

Just like before, type the name you want to give to the new source and press Ok.

Write the name of the new sourceWrite the name of the new source

Once you have all the data, press Ok at the bottom to confirm the edition of the new add-on.

Press Ok to confirm the changesPress Ok to confirm the changes

Now, it is time to install the Indigo add-on. In Kodi's initial interface window, select Add-ons.

Access the Add-ons sectionAccess the Add-ons section

On the side menu, click on the open box icon.

Press the open box-shaped iconPress the open box-shaped icon

Choose Install from zip file from all the options.

Choose Install from zip fileChoose Install from zip file

In the next menu, choose fusion as a source.

Select fusion from the listSelect fusion from the list

Go to the begin-here folder.

Go to the begin-here folderGo to the begin-here folder

Select the Indigo plugin and click Ok on the right side to install it in your client.

Select the Indigo add-onSelect the Indigo add-on

Now, if you go to your installed add-ons list, you will see Indigo among all of them. Click on this entry to see all your options.

Indigo installed amongst all your add-onsIndigo installed amongst all your add-ons

Press Open in the lower-left corner to launch the plug-in.

Press Open to launch the add-onPress Open to launch the add-on

Find in the list of options the Factory reset menu item, this is the option that lets you leave the app as recently installed. Click on that entry.

Search for the Factory restore optionSearch for the Factory restore option

Kodi will ask you if you are sure, answer yes by clicking on Yes.

Confirm you want to reset KodiConfirm you want to reset Kodi

At that point, the add-on itself will let you choose if you want it to stay installed or if it should be removed like the rest of the complements and customizations you have done since installation.

Indigo will ask if you want to keep it installedIndigo will ask if you want to keep it installed

At the end of the process, you will get a notification indicating that all changes have been successful and that you must restart the app for the changes to be applied.

Kodi restored to its factory settingsKodi restored to its factory settings

From this moment on, your Kodi client will look like the first day. By doing so, all associated data stored on your device or any add-ons you have installed will be deleted.