The best apps to edit video on Android

Create, edit and customize your videos, adding text and music; crop or merge with other videos. The best apps to edit videos on Android phones, which include functions such as fast-forwarding, slow motion, filters and special effects for free

VivaVideo 8.8.5 English
VivaVideo 8.8.5

The best video editor for Android devices

Viamaker 2.1.3 English
Viamaker 2.1.3

Video editor full of effects and features

CapCut 3.3.0 English
CapCut 3.3.0

Video editor with infinite possibilities

Node Video 2.2.0 English
Node Video 2.2.0

Versatile and powerful video editor for Android

Wombo 1.3.6 English
Wombo 1.3.6

Make your selfies sing

VivaCut 2.2.4 English
VivaCut 2.2.4

Video editor with professional features

Vido 1.0.21 English
Vido 1.0.21

Video editor with templates

XVideoStudio Video Editor 1.0 English

Video editor that does absolutely nothing

KineMaster English

Poweful and versatile video editing tool

Filmigo Video Maker 5.0.3 English

Simple video editor for Android

MBit Music 3.5 English

Video editor to create statuses for social networks

VFly 3.0.3 English
VFly 3.0.3

Create videos from photos for your social networks based on templates

Noizz 4.9.0 English
Noizz 4.9.0

Create short videos for your WhatsApp statuses

FilmoraGo 6.0.0 English
FilmoraGo 6.0.0

Powerful and intuitive video editor

PowerDirector 9.1.0 English

CyberLink's tool to edit videos 1.17.10178 English 1.17.10178

A great editor to easily create music videos

ZAO 1.7.2 English
ZAO 1.7.2

A video editor that replaces the face of actors in movies with your face

FocoVideo 1.3.7 English
FocoVideo 1.3.7

Edit your videos to upload them to TikTok

Funimate: Video Editor Effects & Music Video Maker 11.2 English

Funny effects for your videos

Video Guru 1.311.75 English
Video Guru 1.311.75

Full-featured video editor

VideoShow 9.2.5 English
VideoShow 9.2.5

The best video editor on Android

Mast 1.1.7 English
Mast 1.1.7

Create videos using photos and share them on social networks

WhatsCut Pro English
WhatsCut Pro

Create videos and audios to share on social networks

MVBit 1.1.1 English
MVBit 1.1.1

Edit videos and content for your social network statuses

FX Master 2.1 English

Video editor with a wide range of special effects

MagoVideo 5.3.2 English
MagoVideo 5.3.2

Video editor especially designed for TikTok

MadLipz 2.7.14 English
MadLipz 2.7.14

Create short videos with funny voiceovers

Prequel 1.14.0 English
Prequel 1.14.0

All kinds of nice effects and filters for photos and videos

StoryBeat 2.7.2 English
StoryBeat 2.7.2

Easily create music videos with your photos and videos

Photo Video Maker 2.6 English

Create video montages using your photos

Lomotif 2.7.7 English
Lomotif 2.7.7

Create short videos for social networks and chat apps

Vimeo Create 1.10.0 English
Vimeo Create 1.10.0

The Vimeo editor for creating content for social networks

GlitchCam - Glitch Video Effects English

Put glitch effects and retro filters on your videos and photos

Vinkle 1.6.1 English
Vinkle 1.6.1

Create eye-catching videos for social networks

VideoPad 4.43 English
VideoPad 4.43

Lightweight video editor for Android

VidTrim 2.6.1 English
VidTrim 2.6.1

Versatile video editing application

Video Speed 2.1.14 English
Video Speed 2.1.14

Fast motion and slow motion effect for your videos

AndroVid English

Edit your videos with this simple software

Zing Studio 3.0.25 English
Zing Studio 3.0.25

Create fun stop motion videos with your smartphone

VLLO 5.8.12 English
VLLO 5.8.12

Edit your videos with a professional design