The best apps to edit video on Android

Create, edit and customize your videos, adding text and music; crop or merge with other videos. The best apps to edit videos on Android phones, which include functions such as fast-forwarding, slow motion, filters and special effects for free

CapCut 8.0.0 English
CapCut 8.0.0

Video editor with infinite possibilities

KineMaster English

Poweful and versatile video editing tool

VivaVideo 9.8.5 English
VivaVideo 9.8.5

The best video editor for Android devices

Vido 1.0.32 English
Vido 1.0.32

Video editor with templates

Lomotif 2.37.0 English
Lomotif 2.37.0

Create short videos for social networks and chat apps

Shaky Video Stabilizer 1.9.7 English

Stabilize and improve the quality of your videos

Viamaker 4.5.0 English
Viamaker 4.5.0

Video editor full of effects and features

Node Video 4.9.2 English
Node Video 4.9.2

Versatile and powerful video editor for Android

XVideoStudio Video Editor 1.0 English

Video editor that does absolutely nothing

Video Guru 1.381.95 English
Video Guru 1.381.95

Full-featured video editor

ZAO 1.7.2 English
ZAO 1.7.2

A video editor that replaces the face of actors in movies with your face

Noizz 5.9.2 English
Noizz 5.9.2

Create short videos for your WhatsApp statuses

PowerDirector 11.1.0 English

CyberLink's tool to edit videos

FilmoraGo 8.1.02 English
FilmoraGo 8.1.02

Powerful and intuitive video editor

VivaCut 3.0.5 English
VivaCut 3.0.5

Video editor with professional features

Mivi 2.18.596 English
Mivi 2.18.596

Create fantastic videos with your photos

Polarr 24FPS 3.1.5 English

An outstanding collection of filters for your videos

VideoPad 13.23 English
VideoPad 13.23

Lightweight video editor for Android

VN Video Editor 2.0.6 English

A complete video editor for making your own movies

Adobe Premiere Rush English

Adobe's app to record videos and edit them on the fly

Funimate 12.6 English
Funimate 12.6

Funny effects for your videos

Voicella 0.81 English
Voicella 0.81

Tool to add subtitles to your videos

CupCut 2.41.344 English
CupCut 2.41.344

Scintillating templates for you stories on Instagram

AutoCap 0.9.94 English
AutoCap 0.9.94

Automatic subtitles for your videos

GlitchCam - Glitch Video Effects English

Put glitch effects and retro filters on your videos and photos

Kapwing 20 English

Video editor for beginners and professionals

Filmigo Video Maker 5.4.3 English

Simple video editor for Android

FacePlay 2.18.4 English
FacePlay 2.18.4

An editor that allows you to put your face to any video

MVBit 1.4.0 English
MVBit 1.4.0

Edit videos and content for your social network statuses

Quik English

The video editor developed by GoPro

Animoto 1.15.0 English
Animoto 1.15.0

Create videos based on your photo collections

Wombo 3.1.1 English
Wombo 3.1.1

Make your selfies sing

YouCut 1.516.1142 English
YouCut 1.516.1142

Video editor with multiple tools

VidTrim 2.6.1 English
VidTrim 2.6.1

Versatile video editing application

Videoleap 1.2.3 English
Videoleap 1.2.3

Edit videos with a professional style from your smartphone

Mast 1.4.4 English
Mast 1.4.4

Create videos using photos and share them on social networks

Prequel 1.39.0 English
Prequel 1.39.0

All kinds of nice effects and filters for photos and videos

Compose 1.4 English
Compose 1.4

Design creative videos using templates

Vlogit English

Video editor for vloggers

Video Splitter 1.9 English

Cut your videos to upload them to your WhatsApp status

Motion Ninja 2.7.1 English

Complete video editor for smartphones

PixelFlow 2.3.8 English
PixelFlow 2.3.8

Complete editor for creative texts

VFly 4.8.5 English
VFly 4.8.5

Create videos from photos for your social networks based on templates

MontagePro 3.7.5 English
MontagePro 3.7.5

Video editor for creating short videos

Vizmato 2.3.7 English
Vizmato 2.3.7

Complete video editor for smartphones

Splice English

A simple but powerful mobile video editor

Panda Video Compressor 1.1.48 English

Video compressor for Android

FocoVideo 1.7.0 English
FocoVideo 1.7.0

Edit your videos to upload them to TikTok

VideoShow 9.7.4 English
VideoShow 9.7.4

The best video editor on Android

BroChill 0.1.30 English
BroChill 0.1.30

Templates for creating great looking photos and videos

MBit Music 8.5 English

Video editor to create statuses for social networks

Movie Studio 2.5.0 English

Convert your smartphone into a recording studio

ShotCut 1.21.1 English
ShotCut 1.21.1

Simple video editor with dozens of effects

Snap FX Master 2.8.689 English

Shoot really cool special effects with this video editor

MagoVideo 5.5.6 English
MagoVideo 5.5.6

Video editor especially designed for TikTok

StoryBeat 3.2.11 English
StoryBeat 3.2.11

Easily create music videos with your photos and videos

Vinkle 3.6.0 English
Vinkle 3.6.0

Create eye-catching videos for social networks

Microsoft Hyperlapse 1.7.2016.03020 English
Microsoft Hyperlapse 1.7.2016.03020

Create time-lapses of the videos recorded with your phone

SpeechWay 0.5.44 English
SpeechWay 0.5.44

The teleprompter you were searching for

Video Speed 2.1.15 English
Video Speed 2.1.15

Fast motion and slow motion effect for your videos

FX Master 2.3 English

Video editor with a wide range of special effects 1.38.10312 English 1.38.10312

A great editor to easily create music videos

VLLO 6.6.6 English
VLLO 6.6.6

Edit your videos with a professional design

Photo Video Maker 2.6 English

Create video montages using your photos

Magisto English

Automatic intelligent edition for your videos

MadLipz 2.7.23 English
MadLipz 2.7.23

Create short videos with funny voiceovers

Movie Maker - Best Video Studio 1.7 English

Become a movie director

FotoPlay 3.12.5 English
FotoPlay 3.12.5

A powerful video editor in mobile format

Mivita 1.0.5 English
Mivita 1.0.5

Create cool music videos with face swaps

Easy Subtitles 2.3.1 English

Create, edit and sync subtitles for your videos

GMT Subtitles 3.2.0 English

Auto-search subtitles for TV shows and movies

FxGuru 2.12.00 English
FxGuru 2.12.00

Add special effects to your videos

Video Compress 5.0.2 English

Compress videos using your smartphone

Film Maker English
Film Maker

Create professionally finished videos with your cell phone

Sub Loader 6.1.1 English
Sub Loader 6.1.1

Automatic download of subtitles for your videos

Movie Booth FX 1.30 English

Add action movie special effects to your videos

Stop Motion Studio English
Stop Motion Studio

Create beautiful stop motion videos

Video Status 2020 1.2 English

Download cool videos for your social networks

Vochi 3.6.1 English
Vochi 3.6.1

Create the coolest videos with this powerful video editor

Intro Maker 3.7.3 English

Create your own intros for your videos

Video Editor AndroMedia 2.0 English

Video editor for Android devices

videogram 3.0 English

Create interactive video summaries

Velomingo 1.2.1 English
Velomingo 1.2.1

Editor for modifying the velocity and effects in your videos

GoCut 2.9.17 English
GoCut 2.9.17

Powerful video editor with neon effects and artistic filters

VEdit 7.6 English
VEdit 7.6

Merge and cut videos with one tap

VidArt 4.24.316 English
VidArt 4.24.316

Video editor with templates

Elegant Teleprompter 3.32 English

Simple Teleprinter for Android

Simple Teleprompter 1.0 English

A simple teleprinter in mobile format

Teleprompter & Video 2.1.5 English

Video and audio recording with an integrated teleprompter

FocoDesign 1.6.0 English
FocoDesign 1.6.0

Amazing effects for your photos and videos

Subtitle Viewer 4.3.6 English

Subtitles for TV shows and movies on your mobile

Video Velocity 1.3.2 English

Edit the speed of your videos

Video Watermark 1.8 English

Add a watermark to your videos

Life Lapse 2.7.7 English
Life Lapse 2.7.7

Create stop-motion videos from your mobile

Reverse Movie FX English

Reverse video reproduction and create funny effects

1 Second Everyday 3.6.14 English

Create a video that summarizes your year with a second from each day

Funloop English

Create videos and audios to share on social networks

Vlog Star 3.7.6 English
Vlog Star 3.7.6

Easy to use video editor with a bunch of options

LightMV English

Video editor with templates for creating presentations

Magi+ 1.6.4 English
Magi+ 1.6.4

Great video editor to add incredible special effects

ActionDirector 7.2.0 English

Create and edit your videos easily with this powerful editor

90s English

Retro-style video editor

DOUPAI 1.3.0 English
DOUPAI 1.3.0

App for making short videos that boasts a range of templates

Cute CUT 1.8.8 English
Cute CUT 1.8.8

Video editor that allows us to draw on movies

Artisto 1.11.3 English
Artisto 1.11.3

Turn your videos into works or art

WeVideo 8.17.0 English
WeVideo 8.17.0

Simple cloud video editor

Zoe 3.20.769555 English
Zoe 3.20.769555

Create and share great video mixes

VITA 1.29.1 English
VITA 1.29.1

Edit your videos with hundreds of effects

Video Merge 2.2 English

Merge two (or more) videos into one with your phone

MyTravel 1.64 English
MyTravel 1.64

Create videos with your travel routes

V328 1.6.3 English
V328 1.6.3

Video editor with easy-to-use templates

EasyCut English

Video and photo editor, two in one

Get Subtitles 10.0 English

Get subtitles for your videos in a matter of seconds

Kaptioned 6.7 English

The app that generates automatic subtitles for your videos

GIFMob 1.33.0 English
GIFMob 1.33.0

Create simple stop motion videos

PicPac 1.55 English
PicPac 1.55

Create cool videos with the stop motion technique

Slow Motion Video Maker 2.6 English

Make funny videos in slow and fast motion

Efectum 2.0.45 English
Efectum 2.0.45

Video editor with tons of cool effects

MoShow English

Create videos with your photos on your smartphone

HypeUp 1.5.3 English
HypeUp 1.5.3

Create fun personalized videos using your selfies

Story Cutter 3.7.0 English

Cut your videos for Instagram stories

ReverX 1.1.25 English
ReverX 1.1.25

Edit your videos and play them back

Videoshop 2.9.0 English
Videoshop 2.9.0

Easily edit your videos with lots of tools and options

Motion Stills 2.0.190280670 English
Motion Stills 2.0.190280670

The app to capture short videos and transform them into cinemagraphs

AndroVid 4.2.0 English
AndroVid 4.2.0

Edit your videos with this simple software

Video Collage Maker 24.9 English

Gather images in a video

PutMask 6.0.4 English
PutMask 6.0.4

Video editor for pixelating faces and objects

VMER 3.9 English
VMER 3.9

Merge two or more videos into one with one click

Vieka 2.2.4 English
Vieka 2.2.4

Easy-to-use video editor with templates

Instories 4.15.0 English
Instories 4.15.0

Dazzle with stunning stories on Instagram

Story Bit 1.1.19 English
Story Bit 1.1.19

Create stories to share on your social networks

Selvi 1.1 English
Selvi 1.1

A teleprompter for your smartphone

Zing Studio 3.0.25 English
Zing Studio 3.0.25

Create fun stop motion videos with your smartphone

Video Dieter 2 2.2.13 English

Reduce the size of your videos with your Android

Biugo 4.17.42 English
Biugo 4.17.42

Simple video editor with lots of effects

Vimeo Create 1.24.1 English
Vimeo Create 1.24.1

The Vimeo editor for creating content for social networks

Animated Stories 2.0.29 English

Video editor for making photo clips

Lightricks Boosted English

Video editor with templates for social networks