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The Selvi app provides us with a teleprompter for smartphones that lets us record videos by reading text from the screen without having to memorize it

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I am sure it has happened to you too. A friend's birthday is coming up and you have to record a video saying something nice. You record yourself fifty times until you manage to pronounce your sentences without losing your lines. Or you want to record a video talking to the camera and there is no way you can remember the text.

Now those problems are over. By downloading the APK file of this application, we will be able to use a teleprompter and record ourselves reading a text naturally without having to memorize the lines.

Speak in your videos like a professional

Selvi is a video recording app for smartphones with an integrated teleprompter. In other words, it lets us record videos by reading a predetermined text without the need to memorize phrases or write cards.

It is not only a very useful tool, but it is also fully customizable. First of all, you can create new texts or import files in TXT format from the startup screen.

Once we have created our text, we can edit it as we wish. So, we will be able to change its size, font, and colors, as well as the position of the text box on the screen. And you can also modify the speed of the text to adapt the sentences to your needs.

No more endless takes, memorizing complicated texts, or writing short notes on paper and wasting time.

On the other hand, this fantastic and practical application lets us record with the front and rear camera and adjust the resolution of our video. And it works both vertically and horizontally. Without a doubt, this is an excellent tool.

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Manuel Sánchez
Manuel Sánchez
Yaroslav Kulinich
3 months ago
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