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1.3 Jennie, one of the singers of the band Blackpink, has created Jentle Garden, a beautiful pixelated game where players can plant, grow. and sell flowers
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The Gentle Monster studio and Jennie, the singer of the K-pop band Blackpink, offer this beautiful title where you will become a florist. The goal is none other than to relax in a cute environment where there is no evil and everything revolves around flowers.

A colorful and relaxing experience... with a prize

Everyone loves flowers, but they are so hard to grow... At least in this game, it's easy and your efforts are rewarded. Jentle Garden is an adorable casual game with 2D pixel art style graphics where you grow and sell flowers.

The proposal is quite straightforward. Choose a character (which you can change at any time by clicking the little house), who will be your gardener in this charming world.

Tap the screen to dig the soil, plant seeds, water and pick flowers, and pet the dogs, cats, and other animals that visit you. Once the flowers come out, you go to the florist. In that part of the game, you need to click the characters with the flower icon to sell your flowers and earn money.

Make a garden with Jennie and become the winner of a special prize.

There are lots of flowers to discover and to commemorate the game launch, top-ranked players will be able to win real prizes for a few weeks. In addition to being very entertaining and relaxing, it is also very light. If you like flowers and want to escape to a world where there is no evil, go ahead and download the free APK file and start planting flowers like there is no tomorrow.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.4.
Susana Arjona
Susana Arjona
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