The best casual games for Android

Kill your spare time with these casual games for Android. The simplest, easiest and most addictive entertainment for when you want to play on your phone without having to think. This list has the best for Android

ROBLOX 2.461.416397 English
ROBLOX 2.461.416397

The biggest universe of multiplayer videogames

Pou 1.4.81 English
Pou 1.4.81

The most persistent virtual pet for Android

WinZO Gold 1.2.3 English
WinZO Gold 1.2.3

Casual game collection with prizes in cash

MPL - Mobile Premier League 1.0.50_ps English

Play online and make money

Stumble Guys 0.21 English

The free alternative to Fall Guys

GetMega 4.0.1 English
GetMega 4.0.1

Online casual game platform where you can win money

Fancy Slime 1.3.1 English

A relaxing way to pass time touching slimey surfaces

Ski Safari: Adventure Time 1.5.2 English

Adventure Time goes skiing

Hit Master 3D 1.4.2 English

First person action game where we will throw knives

Roof Rails 1.4.4 English
Roof Rails 1.4.4

Jump across rooftops with the help of a pole and rails

Blockman Go 1.27.5 English
Blockman Go 1.27.5

Collection of multiplayer mini-games

Happy Golden Hen 1.1.1 English

Get rewards by merging hens

Fruit Ninja 3.1.0 English

Entertaining game about cutting fruit with a katana

Squishy Magic 2.30 English

Make your own dolls and squeeze them

Talking Tom Cat English
Talking Tom Cat

The Android game about the cat that talks

Drop Stack Ball 1.15 English

Break all the coloured blocks in the shortest time

Park Master 2.0.2 English

Park your car in your space without causing any accidents

Smash Colors 3D 0.2.10 English

Hit the colored circles with your ball to the rhythm of the music

Join Clash 3D 2.19.5 English

Avoid obstacles and get a large gang together

Object Hunt 1.0.4 English

Hide-and-seek game where you will have to hide yourself transformed into an object

Chat Master! 1.9 English

Game in which you will have to demonstrate your communication skills in chat

Stickman Party 2.0.1 English

Stickman mini-games for up to four players

Talking Tom & Ben News English

Tom the cat and Ben the dog presenting the news

Infiltrating the Airship 1.0.1 English

Help Henry Stickman infiltrate the Toppat Clan

Jalebi 5.6.5 English
Jalebi 5.6.5

A collection of games that is great fun

Line Color 3D 1.8 English

Advance by coloring the line and avoiding obstacles

Woodturning 1.9 English

Casual woodturning game

Kick the Buddy: Forever 1.4.1 English

A new Kick the Buddy game

Lucky Fruit 1.1.4 English

Throw knives at fruit to slice it up

Happy Color 2.8.14 English
Happy Color 2.8.14

Coloring books are no longer just for kids

Icing On The Dress 1.0.8 English

Decorate cakes as if they were dresses

Cube Surfer 2.4.6 English

Get to the finish line on a cube

Hago 3.38.2 English
Hago 3.38.2

Have fun with a great collection of social games

Kick the Buddy 1.0.6 English

Torture the doll in all possible manners 1.16.14 English 1.16.14

A great alternative to

Dancing Road: Colour Ball Run! 1.6.9 English

Control the ball along a path full of obstacles

Sand Balls 2.1.7 English
Sand Balls 2.1.7

Dig through the sand in order to load the balls onto the truck

Gacha Studio 2.1.2 English

Create and design the styling of your Gacha Gacha characters

Dog Condo 1.1.0 English
Dog Condo 1.1.0

Earn money by combining dogs

Cubic 2 3 4 Player Games English

Challenge your friends in fun grid games