The best casual games for Android

Kill your spare time with these casual games for Android. The simplest, easiest and most addictive entertainment for when you want to play on your phone without having to think. This list has the best for Android

Roblox 2.620.463 English
Roblox 2.620.463

The largest multiplayer video game universe

Blockman Go 2.77.3 English
Blockman Go 2.77.3

Collection of multiplayer mini-games

Getting Over It 1.0 English

All your frustration, now in a game 1.8.5 English 1.8.5

Casual game for Android inspired by the Nokia snake

Pou 1.4.118 English
Pou 1.4.118

The most persistent virtual pet for Android 2.27.1 English 2.27.1

Eat the rest of dots and grow without being gobbled up by others

Fruit Ninja 3.57.1 English
Fruit Ninja 3.57.1

Entertaining game where you cut fruits with your katana

Kick the Buddy: Forever 2.0.13 English

A new Kick the Buddy game 2 3.17.0 English 2 3.17.0

New installment of the addictive casual online game

Rise Up 2.6.0 English
Rise Up 2.6.0

Protect your balloon during its ascent

Hago 5.24.1 English
Hago 5.24.1

Have fun with a great collection of social games

We Become What We Behold 1.0 English

Observe what happens in an unusual park

Ski Safari: Adventure Time 1.5.2 English

Adventure Time goes skiing

Gacha Neon 1.8 English

Design your own characters

Pubstar 3.6.2 English
Pubstar 3.6.2

Earn rewards for your favoirite games

Talking Tom & Ben News English

Tom the cat and Ben the dog presenting the news

Plato 4.3.7 English
Plato 4.3.7

Collection of over 45 multiplayer games

Stumble Guys 0.64 English

The free alternative to Fall Guys

OuO 1.3b English
OuO 1.3b

Turn your smartphone or tablet into an adorable creature

BallRun2048 0.6.9 English

An obstacle game combined with 2048

Supreme Duelist Stickman 3.5.1 English

Crazy Minimalist Men's Fights

Stickman Party 2.3.8 English

Stickman mini-games for up to four players 2.0.76 English 2.0.76

A great alternative to

Jentle Garden 1.3 English

Grow flowers with Jennie

Flappy Bird 1.3 English

Press the screen to fly

Gacha Life 2 0.95 English

The sequel to Lunime's popular gacha game

Who Dies First 2.0 English

Absurd and delirious stickmen duels

Talking Tom Cat English
Talking Tom Cat

The Android game about the cat that talks

Bullet Army Run 1.6 English

Overcome obstacles and defeat enemies thanks to an army of bullets

Catch Up 1.1 English

Avoid the obstacles and take your ball as far as you can

Arm Wrestling Master 1.0.10 English

Lift weights and participate in arm wrestling competitions

Going Balls 1.67 English

Swipe the ball while dodging obstacles

2 3 4 Player Mini Games 4.2.0 English

Casual game to be played by several players on the same device

Dig the Gemstone 1.1.3 English

Dig to get the mysterious precious stone

Talking Pierre English
Talking Pierre

Play with the talking parrot Pierre

TopRich 1.1.6 English
TopRich 1.1.6

Merge cars and make money

HandyPick 1.0.19 English
HandyPick 1.0.19

Make your cryptocurrency predictions and win prizes

Paper Delivery Boy 1.18.0 English

Delivering newspapers without losing your life in the attempt

Finger on the App 2 2.0.4 English

Keep your finger attached to the screen as long as possible.

Snake Rivals 0.59.4 English
Snake Rivals 0.59.4

The evolution of the classic snake game into three dimensions

Kick the Buddy 2.5.1 English

Torture the doll in all possible manners

WinZO Gold 32.2.431 English
WinZO Gold 32.2.431

Casual game collection with prizes in cash

Monster Draft 3.0.4 English

Pick the strongest monsters for the Race

Infiltrating the Airship 1.0.1 English

Help Henry Stickman infiltrate the Toppat Clan

Submarine Jump! 1.9.4 English

Control a submarine that can jump out of the water

Cat Fishing 2 2.9.17 English

A game for entertaining your cat

A-Z Run 1.033 English
A-Z Run 1.033

Obstacle races with letters

Progressbar95 0.7230 English

Fill in the Windows 95 load bar

Rolling Sky 3.5.6 English

Roll the ball to dodge all the obstacles in this casual game for Android

Bunny Haven 1.012 English

Manage an endearing rabbit sanctuary

Thorn And Balloons 1.2.1 English

Point and shoot to leave not a single live balloon on screen

Silly Wisher for Genshin 0.16 English

A Genshin Impact's gacha parody

Fish.IO 1.2.0 English
Fish.IO 1.2.0

Get through all other fish and become the king of the bottom of the sea.

Turbo Dismount 1.43.0 English

Crash driving any type of vehicle

GossipMaster 13 English

A classroom gossip game that is both original and fun

Hi Color 1.2.9 English
Hi Color 1.2.9

Color several illustrations using special effects

Slice It All! 2.7.7 English

Cut it all with a sharp knife

Draw Climber 1.16.06 English
Draw Climber 1.16.06

Draw your legs to win the race

Ninja Chicken 1.8.7 English

Help the Ninja Chicken

Color Switch 2.10 English

Tremendously addictive and highly frustrating game

Seat Away 0.31 English
Seat Away 0.31

Move seats and let the passengers in!

Eggy Party 1.0.66 English
Eggy Party 1.0.66

Competitive minigames for all ages

Turbo Stickman Ragdoll Playground 0.12.9 English

Ragdoll" physics sandbox game for de-stressing

Hair Challenge 26.3.2 English

Reach the finish line while protecting your big hair

Amazing Fishing English
Amazing Fishing

An entertaining fishing game

Fruit Ninja 2 2.39.2 English

The PvP version of Fruit Ninja

Dancing Line 2.7.3 English

A game based on the rhythem of music

Moy 7 2.175 English
Moy 7 2.175

Take care of an adorable virtual pet that needs

LINE PongPongPong 1.1.0 English

Collection of mini-games featuring cats

The Spider Nest 0.6.9 English

Kill enemies and evolve

Fun Offline Games 3.10 English

Many games in a single app

Hit Master 3D 1.8.7 English

First person action game where we will throw knives

King of Opera 1.16.41 English
King of Opera 1.16.41

Succeed as a tenor by getting your friends off the stage

Bottle Jump 3D 1.18.10 English

Bounce the bottle and do not let it fall to the ground

Cinema City 0.0.6 English

Idle film management game

Ride Master 2.13.6 English
Ride Master 2.13.6

Build a vehicle and make it to the finish line

Build A Queen 2.9 English

Make the most appropriate choices to recreate the model's design

Twerk Race 3D 1.52.7 English

Run and eat to twerk

Elemental Master 2.3.5 English

Master the elements to take down your enemies

Fork N Sausage 3.19.2 English

Move your sausage around and try to fork it

Dodge Master! 3.4.9 English

Bend your body to dodge the bullets!

Do Not Disturb 1.4.8 English

Tease a grumpy groundhog

Catapult King English
Catapult King

Tear down castles and buildings with your catapult

Swipe Brick Breaker 1.8.2 English

Slide your finger to shoot the ball against the bricks

Dice Dreams English
Dice Dreams

Restore a magical kingdom by playing dice

Secret Agent 2.3.0 English

All the tools you need for getting lost in the countryside

GAMEE - Play 100 free games 4.11.0 English

Platform with dozens of online social games for Android 2.0.1 English 2.0.1

An action game similar to

Carrieverse 1.1 English

A fun open-world online multiplayer game

Vehicle Masters 1.0.28 English

Drive heavy vehicles in calm environments

Bruno - My Super Slime Pet 2.80 English

Play with your pet slime

Pau RTX Ow0.3 English
Pau RTX Ow0.3

Feed and play with a quirky virtual pet

Popsicle Stack 2.2.0 English

Make delicious popsicles on the run

CustomTiyoko 4.9.2 English

Dress up this cute doll to your liking

Food Fighter Clicker 1.3.2 English

Become the world's biggest glutton

Ultimate Disc 1.2.22 English

A frisbee game in 3D

Mega Rummy 2.2.915 English
Mega Rummy 2.2.915

Online casual games platform where you can earn money

Stack Ball 1.1.48 English
Stack Ball 1.1.48

Destroy the stack of blocks with your ball

Dumb Ways to Die Original 36.1.18 English

Funny minigames in which you have to try to survive

Ballz English

Aim well, shoot, and eliminate blocks

Roblock Gym Clicker 1.3.0 English

Tap on the screen to lift weights and gain muscle

Earths Destruction 1.0.1 English

What would you do in your last 60 seconds on Earth?

Castle 122.0 English
Castle 122.0

Create mini-games with interactive cards

Dumb Ways To Die 4 1.0.0 English

Save the beans from a crazy death

Slow Mo Run 4.8 English

Move your puppet's limbs to run

Pixel Shimeji 1.5.6 English

Put funny pets on your desk

Holy Baam Spaghetti 26022023_2114 English
Holy Baam Spaghetti 26022023_2114

Artist Holy Baam presents a crazy game of breaking spaghetti

Black Hole Adventure English

Become a black hole and swallow everything up

Mannequin Downhill 0.5.4 English

Steer a wheeled mannequin to the end of the track

Jelly Run 2048 1.23.3 English

Combine and split numeric jelly blocks to reach the finish line

Number Master 2.2.0 English

Add up the numbers to reach the finish line

Casino Land 1.3 English

Win a lot of money in the casino

Tall Man Run 1.56 English

Make yourself big to defeat your enemies

Belly Clash 1.2.5 English

Eat, run, and get fat

Hottub Run 1.10 English

Slip into a hot tub and make friends

JustPlay English

The app that pays you to play

Break the Sun 1.13 English

Breaks things by touching the screen at the right time

Car Merger 1.8.9 English
Car Merger 1.8.9

Merge cars with each other to unlock new ones and make money

Car Destruction 1.6.12 English

Destroy the cars and become a master of kung-fu

Flappy Wings 2 English

Flappy Bird clone for Android English

Strategy and action game with custom balls

MPL - Mobile Premier League 1.0.50_ps English

Play online and make money

Retry 1.5.0 English
Retry 1.5.0

8 bits flying around your Android

YoYa Doll Avatar Maker 2.10.2 English

Create your own dolls and dress them up in the latest styles

Taurus Lite 2.8.4 English

Download and play a wide variety of games

Epic Banana Run 1.0.12 English

Increase your banana cat army without stopping running

Camo Sniper 3.7.4 English

Find and shoot the camouflaged enemies in the setting

Talking Joe 1.0.9 English

A scary virtual pet game

Make Girlfriend 1.3 English

Run through a circuit full of obstacles to create the ultimate girlfriend

Order Please 1.1.7 English

Become a waitress, take notes, and follow the story.

Hit Perfect 3D 1.2.3 English

Shoot arrows in the first person

Try to Fly 0.0.5 English
Try to Fly 0.0.5

Jump and fly before falling into the void

Couple Life 3D 1.3.7 English

Mini-games and puzzles inspired by life as a couple

Zoo: Happy Animals 1.0.21 English

Take care of the animals in a zoo

Tap Galaxy 2.0.16 English
Tap Galaxy 2.0.16

Create your own universe in this clicker

Join Blob Clash 3D 0.3.3 English

Obstacle races with soft figures

Hago Lite 1.1.0 English
Hago Lite 1.1.0

Have fun playing top mini-games

Chat Master! 4.4 English

Game in which you will have to demonstrate your communication skills in chat English

Eat to become the biggest worm

Blendy! - Juicy Simulation 1.2.9 English

Relaxing juice making simulator

Loner 1.7.2 English
Loner 1.7.2

Relax and pilot a plane in a lonely world

Drop Stack Ball 4.11 English

Break all the coloured blocks in the shortest time

Scream Go Hero 4.0.3 English

Voice-controlled platform game

Balls Race 1.0 English

Take part in this ball race full of obstacles

Osmos 2.3.1 English
Osmos 2.3.1

Absorb your opponents and don't let them absorb you

Monster Guess 0.7 English

Mini-games and video calls starring the characters of The Amazing Digital Circus

Paint the Flag 2.3.1 English

Color flags and learn geography

My Coloring Book 2.251 English

Color a lot of beautiful drawings

Super Mouse 1.0 English

Whack the digital moles before they hide

Count Stickman 48 English

Gather a huge army of Stickman soldiers to run and fight