The best casual games for Android

Kill your spare time with these casual games for Android. The simplest, easiest and most addictive entertainment for when you want to play on your phone without having to think. This list has the best for Android

ROBLOX 2.568.524 English
ROBLOX 2.568.524

The biggest universe of multiplayer videogames

Blockman Go 2.39.2 English
Blockman Go 2.39.2

Collection of multiplayer mini-games 1.6.2 English 1.6.2

Casual game for Android inspired by the Nokia snake

Getting Over It 1.0 English

All your frustration, now in a game

Pou 1.4.109 English
Pou 1.4.109

The most persistent virtual pet for Android 2.24.1 English 2.24.1

Eat the rest of dots and grow without being gobbled up by others

Fruit Ninja 3.30.0 English
Fruit Ninja 3.30.0

Entertaining game where you cut fruits with your katana

Kick the Buddy: Forever 1.4.1 English

A new Kick the Buddy game 2 3.6.1 English 2 3.6.1

New installment of the addictive casual online game

Helix Jump 5.3.2 English
Helix Jump 5.3.2

Move the helix and help the ball to make way

Rise Up 200434 English
Rise Up 200434

Protect your balloon during its ascent

Hago 5.11.3 English
Hago 5.11.3

Have fun with a great collection of social games

Gacha Neon 1.7 English

Design your own characters

We Become What We Behold 1.0 English

Observe what happens in an unusual park

Stumble Guys 0.46.1 English
Stumble Guys 0.46.1

The free alternative to Fall Guys

Ski Safari: Adventure Time 1.5.2 English

Adventure Time goes skiing

Jentle Garden 1.3 English

Grow flowers with Jennie

Silly Wisher for Genshin 0.16 English

A Genshin Impact's gacha parody

GetMega Rummy 1.0.4 English

Online casual game platform where you can win money

WinZO Gold 32.2.431 English
WinZO Gold 32.2.431

Casual game collection with prizes in cash 1.16.65 English 1.16.65

A great alternative to

Hi Color 1.2.6 English
Hi Color 1.2.6

Color several illustrations using special effects

Rolling Sky 3.5.6 English

Roll the ball to dodge all the obstacles in this casual game for Android

Pau RTX Ow0.3 English
Pau RTX Ow0.3

Feed and play with a quirky virtual pet

Going Balls 1.32 English

Swipe the ball while dodging obstacles

Draw it 1.3.1 English
Draw it 1.3.1

A time-trial drawing game

Monster Draft 2.5.2 English

Pick the strongest monsters for the Race

Flappy Bird 1.3 English

Press the screen to fly

HandyPick 1.0.19 English
HandyPick 1.0.19

Make your cryptocurrency predictions and win prizes

Marble Clash 1.2.0 English

Exciting marble battles

2 3 4 Player Mini Games 3.7.3 English

Casual game to be played by several players on the same device

Fashion Famous 1.22 English

Choose clothes to design themed outfits

Stickman Party English

Stickman mini-games for up to four players

Talking Tom & Ben News English

Tom the cat and Ben the dog presenting the news

Love Tester 20.17.51 English
Love Tester 20.17.51

The ultimate compatibility tool

Catch Up 1.1 English

Avoid the obstacles and take your ball as far as you can

Supreme Duelist Stickman 2.4.5 English

Live exciting online duels with your Stickman

Plato 3.2.0 English
Plato 3.2.0

App that brings together dozens of multiplayer games

Scream Go Hero 4.0.0 English

Voice-controlled platform game

Color Switch 2.10 English

Tremendously addictive and highly frustrating game

Talking Tom Cat English
Talking Tom Cat

The Android game about the cat that talks

GunSpin 1.7 English
GunSpin 1.7

Advance through the circuit using the recoil impulse

Elemental Gloves 1.5.2 English

Attack enemies with your magic gloves

JustPlay English

The app that pays you to play

POKO 2.8.6 English
POKO 2.8.6

Play dozens of awesome games online

Couple Life 3D 1.3.7 English

Mini-games and puzzles inspired by life as a couple

Moy 7 2.12 English
Moy 7 2.12

Adopt a tiny Moy

Get Lucky 1.13 English
Get Lucky 1.13

Collect the hangers and try to get the best swimwear

Fashion Battle 1.18.03 English

Merciless competitions on the fashion catwalk 2.0.1 English 2.0.1

An action game similar to

Twerk Race 3D 1.17.6 English

Run and eat to twerk

Mob Control 2.48.3 English
Mob Control 2.48.3

Increase your troops and capture bases

Hair Challenge 8.1.9 English

Reach the finish line while protecting your big hair

Fluffy Fall: Fly Fast to Dodge the Danger! 1.2.26 English

Endless runner full of cute characters

Send Me To Heaven 1.8.45 English

Beat the Android throwing record

My Mini Mart 1.12.6 English
My Mini Mart 1.12.6

Manage your own organic farmer's market

Swipe Brick Breaker 1.5.7 English

Slide your finger to shoot the ball against the bricks

Dancing Line 2.7.3 English

A game based on the rhythem of music

Mannequin Downhill 0.5.4 English

Steer a wheeled mannequin to the end of the track

Perfect Lie 4.3 English

Telling lies to save yourself from the curse

Hago Lite 1.1.0 English
Hago Lite 1.1.0

Have fun playing top mini-games

Flirt Master 3D 1.37 English

Become a flirting master

Turbo Stickman Ragdoll Playground English

Ragdoll" physics sandbox game for de-stressing

Order Please 1.1.4 English

Become a waitress, take notes, and follow the story.

BallRun2048 0.3.0 English

An obstacle game combined with 2048

Bridge Race 3.4.0 English

Build colorful bridges

OuO 1.3b English
OuO 1.3b

Turn your smartphone or tablet into an adorable creature

Dancing Road: Colour Ball Run! 1.9.0 English

Control the ball along a path full of obstacles

Pen Dig 0.7 English
Pen Dig 0.7

Dig the ground with a pencil

Attack Hole 1.0.17 English
Attack Hole 1.0.17

Collect ammunition with a black hole

Amazing Fishing English
Amazing Fishing

An entertaining fishing game

Bottle Flip 3D 1.84 English

The bottle flip challenge with home furniture

NinJump Dash 1.21 English

Ninjas are also into running

Make Girlfriend 1.0 English

Run through a circuit full of obstacles to create the ultimate girlfriend

Flag Painters 2 English

Paint your flag on the run

Fork N Sausage 3.19.2 English

Move your sausage around and try to fork it

Food Fighter Clicker 1.3.2 English

Become the world's biggest glutton

Roof Rails 2.7.8 English
Roof Rails 2.7.8

Jump across rooftops with the help of a pole and rails

Piggy Boom 4.8.0 English
Piggy Boom 4.8.0

Build your own islands and take revenge on your enemies

Farmer Hero 3D 1.3.4 English

Farmer's games collection

Bottle Jump 3D 1.15.3 English

Bounce the bottle and do not let it fall to the ground

Talking Pierre English

Play with the talking parrot Pierre

Kick the Buddy 1.5.9 English

Torture the doll in all possible manners

Jelly Run 2048 1.23.3 English

Combine and split numeric jelly blocks to reach the finish line

Who Dies First 2.0 English

Absurd and delirious stickmen duels

Atomus 1.95 English
Atomus 1.95

Play with atoms in an interactive environment

Move People 1.67 English

Place the puppets in the right position

Join Clash 3D 2.35.4 English

Avoid obstacles and get a large gang together

Drop Stack Ball 4.11 English

Break all the coloured blocks in the shortest time

Golfmasters 1.1.3 English

Recover the stolen eggs

Rolly Vortex 1.10.0 English
Rolly Vortex 1.10.0

Avoid all the obstacles and go as far as you can

A-Z Run 1.019 English
A-Z Run 1.019

Obstacle races with letters

Like A Dino! 2.2.0 English

Catch the falling pieces and grow the neck of the dinosaur

Icing On The Dress 1.1.2 English

Decorate cakes as if they were dresses

Infiltrating the Airship 1.0.1 English

Help Henry Stickman infiltrate the Toppat Clan

Papers Grade, Please! 3.0.1 English

Grade your students' knowledge

Line Color 3D 1.29 English

Advance by coloring the line and avoiding obstacles

Antistress 4.61 English

Relieve your stress with this app full of simple games

Buddy Toss 1.3.8 English
Buddy Toss 1.3.8

Toss the kid as high as you can

Hit & Knock Down 1.3.8 English

Knock down all the tins with your balls

Go Fish! 1.4.4 English
Go Fish! 1.4.4

Fishing game for Android

Peggle Blast 2.23.0 English
Peggle Blast 2.23.0

Fun casual pinball-style game

Osmos 2.3.1 English
Osmos 2.3.1

Absorb your opponents and don't let them absorb you

Drawing Carnival English

Draw an illustration in several different artistic styles

Hyper PA English
Hyper PA

Become your boss's assistant and make the most disastrous choices

Dig Deep English
Dig Deep

Grab your shovel to dig a deep hole

Color Match 3.1.1 English

Find the right color to paint

Zookemon 1.4.1 English
Zookemon 1.4.1

Collect animals in a minimalist world

Fashion Fantasy 1.36.100 English
Fashion Fantasy 1.36.100

Design the best outfits for every occasion

Plumber Crack 1.7.78 English

Have fun annoying a plumber

Jalebi 5.6.5 English
Jalebi 5.6.5

A collection of games that is great fun

Loner 1.7.2 English
Loner 1.7.2

Relax and pilot a plane in a lonely world 4.5.4 English

Slide down the shoots and win the race

Stack Ball 1.1.16 English
Stack Ball 1.1.16

Destroy the stack of blocks with your ball

Buffet Boss English
Buffet Boss

Set up and manage a buffet restaurant

Digit Shooter 0.8 English

Accumulate money and shoot numbers

ScaleMan 1.1.3 English
ScaleMan 1.1.3

Get bigger or smaller to get past the obstacles

Draw Flights 1.0.3 English

Draw the character's flight trajectory

Tow N Go 1.0.9 English
Tow N Go 1.0.9

Drive a tow truck and take away cars that are breaking the law

Vlinder Avatar Maker 1.3.0 English

A colorful anime character editor

Popsicle Stack 1.0.10 English

Make delicious popsicles on the run

Stack Smash 1.1.0 English

Smash the plates with the ball and descend at dizzying speeds

Slap Kings 1.4.1 English
Slap Kings 1.4.1

Become a slapping champion

Extreme Balancer 3 72.1 English

Find the balance of the ball to take it to the finish line English

Strategy and action game with custom balls

Ball Blast 1.56 English

Destroy all the balloons

ThumbZilla 2.95.3 English
ThumbZilla 2.95.3

A crazy game about causing havoc with your thumbs

Soccer Kick 3.0.0 English

Shoot as far as you can

Coloring Book for Me 4.26 English

Color in drawings on your Android

PokeEgg 5.0 English
PokeEgg 5.0

Waste your time opening Pokémon eggs

Smash Hit 1.4.3 English
Smash Hit 1.4.3

A strange dimension full of glass to be smashed

Mutant Master 1.5 English

Transform the bad guys into monsters with a chemical compound

Slice Masters 1.0.354 English
Slice Masters 1.0.354

Relax by collecting cubes

Pubstar 2.4.0 English
Pubstar 2.4.0

Earn rewards for your favoirite games

Beaver Builder 0.2.6 English

Help a small beaver build a dam

Animal Master: Hardcore Safari 1.6 English

Shoot animals to attack poachers

Office Fever 2.1.1 English

Become the most efficient secretary

Blue Monster: Stretch Game 1.0.14 English

Solve puzzles with a stretchy blue monster

YOYO Doll 4.4.2 English
YOYO Doll 4.4.2

Dresses virtual dolls and designs kawaii illustrations

Finger Tap Battle 1.0 English

Tap faster than your rival in order to conquer territory

KREW EATS 8.6 English

Krew gamers star in their own food stuffing game

TopRich 1.1.4 English
TopRich 1.1.4

Merge cars and make money

Treasure Hunt 1.1.11 English

Earn money in the space of your Android

KoGaMa 2.30.4 English
KoGaMa 2.30.4

Social game platform a la ROBLOX

Hit Master 3D 1.7.7 English

First person action game where we will throw knives

Sharpshooter Blitz 1.0.14 English

Annihilate all your enemies in this first-person shooter

Progressbar95 0.7230 English

Fill in the Windows 95 load bar

Happy Golden Hen 1.1.1 English

Get rewards by merging hens

Draw Joust! 3.2.3 English

Design your chariot and defeat your opponents

MPL - Mobile Premier League 1.0.50_ps English

Play online and make money