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Some tireless miners were working in a coal mine when they discovered a precious stone. Help them extract it and get rich in the Dig the Gemstone game

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One day, some miners were digging in a coal mine when they saw a fragment collapse. It turned out that what had fallen was a priceless gemstone. The miners soon moved on from coal to mine these valuable gems and strike it rich. And you need to help them in this noble mission.

Mine to get rich

Dig the Gemstone is a straightforward 2D casual game with clicker mechanics where you need to help a miner extract precious stones to get rich. To mine, simply tap on the screen, although you can automate the mechanics by watching ads or using tools.

Each time the bar at the top of the interface is completely filled, you will get a gem. To sell it, go to the sale tab and watch an ad (yes, another one).

If you want to get the gemstone, you must dig up the outer rock layer.

You can also make it easier on yourself and increase your earnings by investing gems in power-ups and mining speed. Otherwise, this is a fairly simple incremental clicker with a rather bland soundtrack and limited gameplay. Download the APK file for some light entertainment, but it's nothing to wirte home about.

Requirements and additional information:
Susana Arjona
Susana Arjona
Pop Gamer
3 months ago
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