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Join a little orange man in My Little Universe, a cute and relaxing casual game for Android devices of exploration, resource management, and discovery

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Thor has his mythical hammer. Neptune has its trident. And this little orange man has a powerful pickaxe that serves both to extract resources and to defeat monsters. Our mission will be to accompany him in this relaxing adventure while we create our own pocket universe.

A whole universe in your pocket

My Little Universe is a nice casual game with 3D low poly style graphics. The protagonist is an orange stick man whom we must accompany as he collects resources and defeats monsters to expand his territory.

Immerse yourself in your own little universe.

Our adventure begins on a small island where the ship of our traveler crashes. Using his pickaxe and ax, he must collect all kinds of resources, such as wood or stone. We need a certain number of resources to expand the island, discover factories, collect new items, and upgrade tools.

The twist is that some terrain fragments are accompanied by enemies. We will have to defeat them with the help of the almighty pickaxe to continue advancing.

You have the whole world in your hands!

In summary, it is an enjoyable and entertaining title with excellent gameplay. Besides, it is cool to see how civilization is developing thanks to our efforts. And if that is not enough, the APK file download also includes an excellent and relaxing soundtrack. The experience of creating our own virtual universe is well worth it.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 5.0.
Manuel Sánchez
Manuel Sánchez
SayGames Ltd
3 months ago
128 MB

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