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Generate Keywords for your web site and increase its traffic

March 12, 2010
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When it comes to developing our own website, we have to take into account hundreds of different factors if we want to receive visits, like the page's programming or the keywords that it includes, because search engines position our website depending on the quality of the contents that it includes.

Define keywords to position your website

Keywords Generator is a complete program that allows us to generate the optimum keywords depending on the contents of the HTML file because the program is capable of analyzing it and extracting the optimum keywords, that can really help to increase our website's traffic.

The application's interface, that is tab-based, is divided into four different parts: "Mass file processing", "One file and HTML tags", "Filtering and Selecting", and "Generating meta tag".

If you want your website to be among the first positions and you still don't know which can be the appropriate keywords, so that search engines take you into account, download and try Keywords Generator.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The trial version is limited to 5 keywords per document.
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