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Compress files with a very high ratio thanks to KGB Archiver. Download KGB Archiver for free, one of the most efficient compression programs on the market


The most efficient compressor around

February 4, 2019
8 / 10

KGB Archiver can't boast about being one of the most used compression formats, but they can brag about being one of the most efficient. The files that we compress with it will surely be the ones that occupy less space.

File encryption taken to the next level

The KGB compression format makes a fool of the famous 7z and RAR by managing a compression ratio that is really high even in formats that are already compressed like JPEG images and DivX files. According to various standard tests, the compression ratio improves almost 20% compared to its direct competitors.

Of course, you can encrypt any file compressed with KGB Archiver by means of the AES-256 algorithm, which will make sure that nobody will be able to open the file if they don't know the password.

This software is one of the most efficient in its field and due to the latter it requires more time to be able to compress any file, nevertheless all the computers available nowadays are compatible with it.

On the other hand, when it comes to decompressing files, KGB Archiver recognizes its own format and ZIP, which it should improve if it wants to manage to replace other compression applications.

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