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Lavasoft Personal Firewall is a powerful firewall that will prevent there being intrusions on your computer. Download and try out Lavasoft Personal Firewall


Prevent anybody accessing your computer without permission

October 17, 2011
7 / 10

If we want to avoid keyloggers or trojans, it is necessary to have a firewall installed on our computer, because it is the kind of application that avoids unauthorized access to our computer.

Lavasoft has an ideal product for this kind of protection, known as Lavasoft Personal Firewall, that monitors the network, controls the webs that we visit, it has a series of adaptable rules and it works without hardly affecting our browsing and download speed.

Main features

  • Entertainment mode: so it doesn't bother us constantly with notifications while we play or enjoy a film.
  • Auto-learning mode: the firewall adapts to how we use our computer to configure the connections.
  • SmartAdvisor: it is a system that will help us to take the make the proper decisions with each alert.

If you still don't have a powerful firewall installed on your computer, you can try out Lavasoft Personal Firewall and discover a great tool to maintain it constantly protected.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The trial period lasts for 30 days.
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