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Conquer the city's underworld in Mafia Kings, an entertaining and lighthearted board game inspired by Monopoly, where you will fight for territory


Fun board game inspired by the world of the Mafia

May 17, 2023
7 / 10

Mafia Kings Android is an excellent 3D board game similar to Monopoly but set in the mafia world where yur mission is to gather a group of mafiosi and conquer all the territories of the city (represented with different boards).

Attack with your dice

To play Mafia Kings APK you will need a bit of strategy and a lot of luck. The dynamics involve rolling the dice to collect resources as you move across the board. As in Monopoly, there are several special squares that allow you to perform different actions, such as buying and upgrading buildings.

However, the most interesting squares are the combat squares. Battles are used to conquer businesses or key points in the city. To fight, you must select up to four thugs or bosses who will automatically start shooting enemies. You also need to fight the boss of each level to conquer the territory once you have completed all the missions.

If you want to become the new king of the mafia, you must use your best weapons: the dice!

Obviously, the difficulty lies in the fact that the rolls are limited. If you want to continue playing, you will need to wait, spend diamonds, or buy rolls in the store.

Overall, this is an entertaining game that boasts a touch of fun humor and manages to provide a slightly different experience. But the best thing is that we can download Mafia Kings for free to build your own mafia empire by rolling the dice.

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