Magic The Gathering Online

With Magic The Gathering Online you will be able to play this card game with users from all over the world. Download Magic The Gathering Online and play

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If there's one trading card game (TCG) that prevails over all others, that is without a doubt Magic, The Gathering. Published in 1993, this collection card game has sold millions of cards worldwide, with lots of very special cards reaching incredible prices. Now Wizards of the Coast have decided to create the Online version of the game, that will allow all Magic players to test their combat level against players from all over the world.

Magic's online mode

With Magic The Gathering Online you'll be able to play against players worldwide. The game offers us a predefined starter deck to start playing. If we like the game we will be able to purchase more cards for our deck, so we can personalize it. To be able to play Magic Online you don't have to make any monthly payment, you will only have to spend money on buying new cards.

The digital version of Magic is a very good replica of the original cards, even the illustrations have been recreated perfectly. Once you control the rules, you'll be able to take part in many official online tournaments.

Requirements and additional information:
  • This download requires an Internet connection to install and play the game.
  • In the free version, you won't be able to acquire new cards.
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