Microsoft Money
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Microsoft Money will improve your domestic economy. Download Microsoft Money and you will have an efficient tool to control your income and expenses


Practical tool to manage your household finances

March 15, 2010
6 / 10

Accounting books are an excellent tool to keep control of income and expenses both in companies and at home. A modern version of these account books are programs like Microsoft Money.

Microsoft Money is a complete application from which we'll be able to manage our personal accounts and our family's general finance. The main advantage of this utility is how easy it is to use, making it perfect for those users that have no knowledge of accounting and general economics.

Among the functions that Microsoft Money offers us we'll find the possibility to perform a follow-up of all the expenses that we have had each day of the month, observe a balance of our income and our expenses, obtain information from our bank accounts (if our bank allows it), view all the economic data shown graphically, etc.

Control your household expenses and manage all your financial needs with Microsoft Money.

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