TurboCASH is a financial management program for Windows PCs for small and medium enterprises with functions that can be expanded by installing plug-ins


Management software for SMEs

May 25, 2021
7 / 10

Do you think you need a program to control your finance? Well, amongst all the possibilities available you can download a classic of the likes of TurboCASH. Its first version dates back to 1985 and is an open-source development.

Accounting program for SMEs

It's aimed at small and medium enterprises, being halfway between a domestic finance suite and software to plan business resource systems. Its main functions include an accounting book, transaction counts, and the generation of financial reports.

But these aren't its only features as its GNU nature means that it has got a huge active user community behind it developing all sorts of plug-ins to expands the native features of this software. Its community has over 100,000 users in dozens of countries. Thus, if you need to keep your business accounts, this is a great tool that's really flexible when it comes to customizing it.

Its developers have followed a freemium development model. Therefore, you can download a free version which we're offering you here but there's also an option to pay if you need more functions.

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