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Enter Midomi, sing or hum a part of a song and discover its name. As well as identifying songs, Midomi is a social network dedicated to the world of music
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Midomi is a web service that will allow you to discover the name of a song by simply singing or humming the melody to its voice recognition tool.


  • Find the name of that song that you can't get out of your head.
  • Access music videos of your favorite artists, enter to form part of its administration club and share your music tasts with your friends.
  • Play your favorite songs and share them with the rest of the community to receive scores and valorations and thus enter tat wolrd of music players.

A social network dedicated to music

Midomi was born as music recognition tool, but as time has gone by the options it has to offer has increased, creating a large social network dedicated to music where you have many other alternatives as you have seen.

To identify a song, you only have to click on the Midomi tool and use your PC's inbound line to sing or hum a few seconds of the song that you are looking for. Midomi will search for coincidences in its database.

Enter Midomi to find the song that you are looking for and form part of a large community of music lovers.

Antony Peel
Antony Peel
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