How to play Minecraft on your PC

There are several ways of playing Minecraft, and the latter depend on the game mode chosen: survival or creative. Ever since the beginning, which is usually common to all players, each gamer will develop his or her own strategy depending on their world, the difficulty chosen or whether the single or multiplayer mode has been selected

Survival mode

In the survival mode we can follow these steps which are basically a small guide for newbie players. Our goal is to survive, so go ahead:

  1. Step 1: create your own world, defining whether you’ll play solo or online, the difficulty which will influence the appearance of monsters or mobs during the game, and the game mode. Although it’s true that you can join other players in the multiplayer mode, which means that you won’t necessarily have to create a world.
  2. Step 2: the game advances by day and night cycles, and surviving the first of them is crucial. You’ll have to build a shelter to protect yourself so your first mission will be to collect construction materials such as wood and stones. You can build a wooden house or dig into the rock to build a cave. It will all depend on how skillful you are combining different elements to make tools. No creatures will attack you at home, that’s why it’s so important. Remember to build a door or lock yourself inside the structure
  3. Step 3: keep yourself protected by building weapons and protections such as armor and torches. It’s also advisable to spend time finding out about the different creatures or mobs because some are good and others are bad. If you learn how to distinguish them, you might be able to avoid respawns and losing the objects in your inventory.
  4. Step 4: you now have to define your playing style, which isn’t a problem due to Minecraft’s freedom in this sense. You can play as if it were an RPG or simply in sandbox mode, either making the most of your creativity to invent all sorts of tools and machines or exploring the worlds created by other users.
  5. Step 5: explore places where you can find useful materials to make objects. You can find them on the surface, underground, or get them off creatures. There are the so-called recipes to learn how to make them.
  6. Step 6: take care of your health by creating a farms with animals to keep you supplied, preparing potions to heal you when you’re ill, and bear in mind that you’ll need a map with a compass that will help you to avoid all sorts of dangers

Creative mode

The way to play is totally different in the creative mode. Here all tricks are enabled and our goal isn’t to survive but to build and destroy structures. For such purpose, all health and hunger bars have been removed (although there are still mobs, they are completely neutral), we can destroy all sorts of blocks almost instantly (even the most indestructible ones such as bedrock), we can make use of all the objects of the inventory (although some work differently) and we can fly. All the latter intend to make it easier for players to unleash all their creativity.