Monster Fair


Monster Fair is an entertaining pinball game in which you will have to help aliens to earn money. Download Monster Fair and try to beat all the records


Help these monsters to earn money to be able to go back to their planet

October 27, 2010
7 / 10

Monster Fair is a pinball game. These machines caused a great fervor in video game arcades during the decades of the '80s and '90s, thus it isn't at all strange to find games like this for PC. With them, as well as saving a lot of money, it is possible to create machines that would be practically impossible to create.

Entertaining pinball featuring aliens

Precisely Monster Fair is one of the games that recreates the original machines in the most reliable way, being specially easy and adapted to beginners, even though people that are hardcore pinball players will be able to enjoy this game as well. With more than 100 sound effects and a variety of important songs, the entertainment is assured.

Like many pinball machines, Monster Fair has a story behind it. It all began 500 years ago, when a spaceship visited the solar system, during that visit something failed and they had to land on the Earth. Since they found it impossible to fix the spaceship, the aliens integrated on the Earth like monsters that hardly anybody has seen.

Now, thanks to the advanced technology developed on the Earth, they have thought they may be able of earning enough money at the Monster Fair to buy the new pieces for their spaceship and return to their home planet.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Some functions are limited in the demo.
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