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Mp3 Music Downloader is an audio player for Android devices that also allows us to download songs with copyleft license to expand your musical library

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Remember when you used to carry around an iPod, an MP3 player, a Discman or even a Walkman? Those wonderful years in which we had a different device for each thing. The fact is that now that we live in the era of the smartphone, it's only time before all those gadgets end up built into our phone. That's why it wasn't too long before music players arrived on our mobile devices. But there are so many applications to listen to music that it's hard to find one that stands out. What if we could get hold of one with an added value? Mp3 Music Downloader for Android, as well as being a player, can be used to download copyleft tracks totally free of charge and in an extremely easy manner.

Music Downloader is the most powerful application to search for, listen to, and download copyleft music.

Play and download music

So, we're talking about an app that covers two functions in one. However, don't expect to find all the greatest hits directly extracted from YouTube and forget about artists of the likes of Justin Bieber or Enrique Iglesias as all the music you can download is copyleft, which means that it can be used and distributed freely.

Search for music by tracks, artists, albums, genres, instruments, moods, popularity, and much more.

Therefore, we can listen to the tracks we've saved on our phone's memory by song, album or artist, but also the songs we've downloaded. Just go to the Download section and choose your style:

  • Blues.
  • Jazz.
  • Melodic.
  • Alternative rock.
  • Classic music.
  • Country.
  • Rock.
  • Metal.
  • Pop.
  • Folk.
  • Rap.

Choose a server and you'll have all the hits of this kind of music within your reach. Furthermore, you can use the search engine if you want to find something more specific. However, bear in mind that every single button you tap includes adverts so be patient.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.0.3.
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