My Talking Angela

In My Talking Angela you'll take care of and bring up the main starring cat. Turn her into an adult and sophisticated cat changing her dresses and hairdos

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In My Talking Angela you're going to adopt Angela as your pet. Your mission is to give her the best life possible, ever since she's a kitten and until she becomes an adult cat. Her clothing, hairstyle, her house's decoration, her food... it's all up to you.

Look after Angela the cat and have fun playing minigames and collecting stickers.


  • Bring her up ever since she's a kitten and help her to become an adult cat.
  • Customize her face and her wardrobe.
  • Dress her up with the trendiest fashion.
  • Choose where she's going to live.
  • Have fun with the application's different minigames.
  • Collect dozens of virtual stickers to swap them with your friends.
  • Collect exclusive items.

In this game, as well as looking after Angela and transforming her into an adult cat, you can have a great time playing different minigames that will make the application even more entertaining.

Antony Peel
Antony Peel
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