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Pou is a virtual pet of alien origin which you will be able to take care of by feeding him, cleaning him, dressing him and providing for his every need


Take care of the most friendly and charismatic alien mascot

September 6, 2021
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In the 1990s, a very curious digital toy, the Tamagotchi, which served as a virtual pet, became popular in the pockets of many pre-adolescents. Its owners had to take care of its needs and it could even die. With the paradigm shift brought about by the most recent technologies, with smartphones at the forefront, the platforms have changed, but not too much of the essence, and we can still enjoy updated versions of the inventions of yesteryear.

The alien virtual pet takes over your PC

Pou is one of the most successful virtual pets on both Android and iPhone and now we can also take care of it on devices with Windows 10 operating system. He doesn't need too much introduction, since this being of extraterrestrial origin thanks to its peculiar appearance has become known among users around the world.

And even though he is an alien, his needs are quite logical: eating, dressing, washing... And we will help him with all of this by giving him a good shower when he is dirty, feeding him when he is hungry and dressing him, being able to customise him with all kinds of clothes and accessories, such as glasses and moustaches. Finally, as if that were not enough, it offers the possibility of having fun with him thanks to a collection of mini-games that will allow us to get prizes in the form of coins that can be exchanged for different items.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Windows 10.
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