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With Nero BackItUp you will never lose your files again. The free version of Nero BackItUp allows you to create backups on storage units and on the cloud


The easiest way to create backups

November 13, 2019
8 / 10

We don't realize what we have until we lose it. So this doesn't happen to you again, we advise you to install Nero BackItUp and create backups of the files that you don't want to lose under any circumstances.

Protect your digital life with backups.

Electrical failures, viruses, accidental deletions... Make sure the information stored on your PC isn't destroyed. Protect the photos of your travels, you movies or your important files with the best free backup solution, Nero BackItUp.

Nero BackItUp's free plan

Nero BackItUp offers you quite a few interesting free options to create backups:

  • 5 GB of online storage.
  • Manual backups.
  • PC backups on internal units and external hard drives.
  • Free mobile access.

If you want to use advanced functions, you can access other paid versions that allow you to:

  • Schedule when you want your backups to be made.
  • Carry out backups on NAS devices and optical discs (CD, DVD, BD).
  • Access unlimited space on the cloud.

You can now use Nero BackItUp for free and protect your most valuable PC files. Download this easy-to-use and reliable solution right now.

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