ODIN will allow you to create and restore backups in only a few minutes. See how easy it is to create backups after you download ODIN for free on your PC


Create backups as easy as possible

February 11, 2014
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The creation of backups of a computer's hard drives is something that is really important because you never know when you may need to restore a hard drive due to a virus attack or due to a data loss caused by a human error.

Creating backups has never been so easy

For these cases, you can use ODIN. This application is very easy to use, all you'll need to do is to select the drive that you want to create the backup of, establish where the disc image will be stored and click on “Start” so that ODIN can create the backup.

ODIN also includes a small selection of options that can have a direct impact on the backup, like the possibility to write only the blocks that contain information, to compress the data so that it occupies a lot less space or to divide the disc image into several smaller files.

Therefore, if you want to create a backup of your data in the most simple way, why not download and install ODIN, and you'll see how easy it is.

Héctor Hernández

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