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You can recover corrupt Office files with OfficeFIX. Documents, databases, emails or spreadsheets. Download OfficeFIX now and recover any Office file


Recover your damaged Microsoft Office files

March 31, 2019
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OfficeFIX is a multi-format tool that will allow you to recover your damaged Microsoft Office files. Thanks to this utility you'll be capable of recovering the damaged or corrupt files in a very comfortable and quick way.

Tools available

In OfficeFIX you'll be able to find four different tools within this pack:

  • ExcelFIX lets you recover files generated by Excel.
  • AccessFIX allows you to recover databases generated with Access.
  • WordFIX that's capable of recovering documents written with the word processor by Microsoft.
  • OutlookFIX that will allow you to recover emails created with Outlook.

The process is simple and efficient. OfficeFIX recovers the information of your damaged files and generates a new document for the user free of problems or errors. An assistant will guide you through the process of selecting the problematic file. After recovering and choosing the format, you'll be ready to save your new copy that is error-free.

It works with all versions of the Office suite and is an application that is really easy to install and use, with the full guarantee of a company specialized in Office data recovery software.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The trial version allows the user to view the recovered file, but not to print it or save it.
  • The WordFIX tool does allow the recovery of a file by substituting some of the document's words for the word DEMO.
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