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O&O UnErase can rescue deleted files from a PC. Analyze the full hard drive in search of the files that have been accidentally deleted, download O&O UnErase


Recover files deleted accidentally

October 27, 2012
6 / 10

O&O UnErase is a software application that can become your salvation if you need to recover certain files and you don't want to make things too complicated. This software is specialized in searching, finding and recovering any kind of file on drives that support Windows.

A great alternative to programs like Recuva Uninstaller

One of the most important recommendations when a file is deleted accidentally and you want to be able to recover it, is not to keep on using the computer. This is normally due to the fact that when a file or files are deleted from the hard drive they aren't really marked as free space on the hard drive, the files still exist, but they offer the possibility to write over them. So it is important to make sure that nobody writes over where that files was on the hard drive.

Once O&O UnErase is launched, it places all of its effort in tracking all the places “available but not empty” of the hard drive, finding files that can range from photos to databases or any kind of file. Once it has checked the full hard drive, it will show the result by means of an interface that is similar to that of the Windows Explorer so that you can find out exactly where each file has been found.

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