Pang Zero


Download Pang Zero for free, a new version of the classic Super Pang game with support for six different players. Have even more fun with Pang Zero


A new Super Pang for up to 6 different players

January 11, 2012
7 / 10

Super Pang is possibly one of the most enjoyed video games ever. The traditional concept of eliminating balls from the screen while scoring points will probably never be outdated, what's more, it seems to want to perpetuate itself with products like Pang Zero.

Nevertheless, this new version of Super Pang has some additional options that differentiate it from the original and its emulations.

An improved clone of Super Pang.


  • Play on your own or enjoy the multiplayer mode, with support for up to six different players, something that will really increase the entertainment.
  • "Hall of fame" with the top scores of the game.
  • Two game modes: "Panic Game" and "Challenge Game".
  • Five different difficulty levels and five different configurations for the weapon's duration.

Traditional game system, renovated entertainment

The game play is the same as ever. You will have to use your character to move along the bottom of the screen equipped with a harpoon. As you move you will have to shoot at the balls that bounce all over the screen while dodging them.

Each time that a ball is hit it will split, making the objectives even smaller each time. Eliminate all of them and you'll be the winner.

Download Pang Zero for free. Enjoy the classic Super Pang once again, and if you choose to do so, play with up to five of your friends.

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