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2014 2.13 PC Wizard is a tool that offers complete information about all the elements of your PC. Download PC Wizard to have detailed knowledge about your PC
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PC Wizard is the ideal tool to be able to know the elements that are part of your computer and which is the real performance that you can expect from it.

This tool offers all kinds of information about the hardware and the system, as well as allowing all kinds of performance tests and to export the results in various formats.

Discover interesting information about your PC

All the data about the kind of processor you are using, the video card model, the capacity of the RAM memory and the storage devices you have installed, among many other things, will appear in the section dedicated to the hardware.

In the section for the system's general information, you will be able to find the operating system, the load time, the applications installed and the fonts available, among other things.

The test section will allow you to carry out speed tests, hard drive checks and to calculate the machine's response time.

Once you have all the information that you want about your computer, PC Wizard will give you the chance to export the information in TXT, PDF, CSV, HTML or RTF.

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