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Create photo slideshows with audio

September 7, 2010
7 / 10

Photo Story is an application that allows us to make interactive photo slideshows using audio and recordings that we can create ourselves. The results are surprising and showing these photo albums isn't as tedious as it usually is.

Create the best slideshows

When you have thousands of photos of an event or trip, the usual thing is to show them to your family and friends during an afternoon or evening spent talking about each image. Nevertheless, with Photo Story this can be much more pleasant because explanations and music can be added to the collection. With this, we'll manage greater freedom when it comes to commenting on everything and a sensation of “watching the television” that is very positive.

The Photo Story interface is really simple and is just like an assistant. Once we have added the photos that we want, we can record the explanations of each of them, configure everything and add music.

This program is yet another application provided by Microsoft to its users to make things easier, and this simplifies its use because we'll find the interface rather familiar, and we'll be able to carry out any task without any complications.

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