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The creation of multimedia presentations using slideshows has a name: Microsoft PowerPoint, Office's tool to bring your ideas to life and represent them

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What is PowerPoint and what's it for?

PowerPoint is a computer program developed by Microsoft that can be used to create presentations. The latter can display text schematics, slides or text and image animations to which we can apply different designs.

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How to convert Word to PowerPoint

To convert or import a document from Microsoft Word to PowerPoint, we simply have to insert Word’s contents straight into the PowerPoint presentation. This can be done by making use of the copy & paste function. In other words, we only have to take the text from the DOC’s pages and paste it onto the slideshow that we’re editing. After that, we can adjust the text however it suits us the best thanks to the format tools.

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How to convert PowerPoint to Word

To convert from Microsoft PowerPoint to Microsoft Word, you can always resort to copying and pasting and then changing the format. But depending on the presentation in question that could be plenty of hard work, as well as requiring too much time to edit text and images to fit them into the DOC without looking like an abstract painting.

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