A PowerPoint presentation is a sequence of slides that can include a wide variety of content, such as text, lists, graphics, videos, or sounds. This type of office file is a virtual emulation of the old slide projectors, which moved forward or backward at the will of the user.

The possibilities offered by slides are almost endless. In addition to the insertion of all kinds of objects, it is possible to apply effects, transitions, and animations. PowerPoint also incorporates a basic image editor and is capable of trimming audio and video to suit the needs of each slide. In addition, the time advance is customizable, and once the presentation is finished, it can be exported to video format.

Similarly, PowerPoint files can be displayed in two different modes. The first one, the editing mode, lets you modify the content, add more slides, or insert new objects. The second is the presentation mode, which displays the work in full screen and allows the user to control the passage of the slides. Regardless of the mode used, the file format is the same, PPTX. However, they can also be saved in a format that only permits presentation mode, PPSX.

The most frequent use given to presentations is the exhibition of graphic material, data, lists, or sketches. For this reason, PowerPoint is a great ally in the work environment and lets you offer seminars, show financial results, or present any other subject. It is also a widespread application in the education sector. Thanks to its presentations, a teacher can develop an agenda in a more visual and eye-catching way.

The creation of presentations in PPTX format can be done with PowerPoint, but also with other similar applications, such as LibreOffice, Google Presentations, or WPS Office.