How to make animated GIFs with PhotoScape

Creating GIF animations with PhotoScape is really easy and we only need to follow these instructions:

  1. Step 1: open the program and from the home screen or from the tab that you’ll find on the upper part of the interface, go to the function create GIF animations.
  2. Step 2: on the left hand side of the interface, you’ll see the file explorer built into PhotoScape. You can use it to browse through the folders on your computer or any connected device and open whichever images you want for your animation.
  3. Step 3: to include them, simply click on each one of them and drag them to the upper part of the editing panel. You can do is in the order in which you want them to appear in the animation, although you can later modify that sequence dragging and dropping. If you want to remove one or all of them, you can do so with your mouse’s right button which we show you a menu with different options.
  4. Step 4: by default, each image is shown for half a second although you modify that time interval for any specific picture or for all of them at once. You can do so by right-clicking your mouse to access the menu mentioned in the previous step, or from the options available in the toolbar on the right hand side.
  5. Step 5: you can also change the size of all these image, adjusting it with the option you can find on the right hand side.
  6. Step 6: finally, you only have to save the animation. You’ll find the Save option on the right, together with a function to preview the result of your creation.