To vectorize an image with Photoshop, the most recommended option is to follow a manual process. We have chosen the image of this construction to show you all the steps. The first thing to do is to identify the shapes in the photograph. In this case, we have a background, a bluish triangle, and a pink tetragon.

After identifying the shapes to vectorize, capture the color of the first shape, in this case, the triangle. You can do this with the eyedropper tool.

Select the color with the eyedropperSelect the color with the eyedropper

Next, activate the pen tool and make sure that, at the top, the Shape option is checked. Besides, you must select the correct color to directly fill the figure.

Enable the pen toolEnable the pen tool

Dot the figure with as many nodes as necessary. The more nodes, the more accurate the drawing will be.

Create a strokeCreate a stroke

When you finish adding points with the pen tool, your shape will be automatically created on a new layer, with the fill color you chose. Now, it is the turn of the second figure. Again, use the eyedropper to capture the main color.

Reset the colorReset the color

Activate the pen again and repeat the process you have carried out with the first figure.

Pen to create the second shapePen to create the second shape

Add as many nodes as necessary to complete the figure.

Follow the shape with the penFollow the shape with the pen

Finally, create a layer to serve as a background, below the layers of the geometric shapes you have created. Fill it with the paint bucket tool in the most suitable blue color. After doing this, you can delete the layer containing the original photograph. The result you will get is a vector graphic that can be enlarged as much as necessary without losing quality.

Result of vectorizingResult of vectorizing

Remember that all this process has been done starting from an image file. If you do not want to overwrite the changes, thus avoiding losing the original file, use the Save as option in the File menu to save the project in PSD format.