Pixia is a complete drawing editor with which you will be able to draw on your PC. Download Pixia for free and forget about complex pay-to-use solutions

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The Japanese developer Isao Maruoka is the author of the original Pixia. It's a drawing and editing application that, due to its originality and great quality, was later adapted to English. Thus, all users can use the application in a language that is easier to be understood worldwide.

Illustrations for your digital comics

Pixia is a graphical editor the basically reminds us of the classic Deluxe Paint, but with many new and optimized options. It includes all the drawing tools that we may need, like different kinds of brushes, a complete color palette, textures, geometric traces,...

A graphical editor aimed at comics.

And furthermore, it includes other tools focused on small enhancements, like different kinds of filters, masks, layers, rotate, color and tone balance, brightness and contrast adjustments, etc.

The latest version of Pixia has been completely adapted to new technologies. Thus, it includes compatibility with Windows 7 and it incorporates functions like the detection of pressure when using a Touch Tablet.

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