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The famous clicks come to life in PLAYMOBIL Knights, a hilarious and entertaining game for mobile devices where players will become medieval knights

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If your kids love to play with Playmobil, they'll love this game. Lead a virtual version of a medieval knight and get ready to enjoy a colorful 3D adventure starring your favorite toys.

Medieval Knights Toy

PLAYMOBIL Knights is a fun game for mobile devices aimed at children between 6 and 12 years of age. However, that doesn't mean that the game is easy to play. Your mission is to control a Playmobil knight in a virtual version through a forest full of treasures and monsters.

In your adventure, you have to fight fierce trolls and look for chests where you will find coins and keys. You will need the keys to open the doors and get to the end of each level's path. Also, you can buy more horses and improve your weapons and armor as you unlock them.

Shining armor and sword clashes.

To pass a level, players must find the enemies indicated in the bottom bar and defeat them before you run out of life points. You can attack the trolls by touching them, and you can block attacks on your character by tapping on it.

You can also activate a special charge attack by holding your finger in the opposite direction of your opponent. This attack will be especially important in the medieval jousting levels, as it is how you defeat other knights.

This is an excellent children's game developed with impressive three-dimensional graphics that bring to life some classic toys that everyone loves. The Brandstätter Group developers have also done a good job of offering a safe game for children that lacks in-app purchases or internet links.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 2.3.
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Susana Arjona
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