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1.37.5 Have you always wanted to create animated movies, but you didn't know where to start? The Plotagon Story app gives us all the tools we need to get creative
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Do you have filmmaking skills, but you've never had a chance to show them off? With this fantastic application you can create your own animated videos with all kinds of details. Choose actors, scenery, situations, dialogue... and let the magic happen.

Create your own actors, write a story and press play, it's that simple!

With the Plotagon Story app we can create our own 3D animation videos without using complex programs or convoluted processes. To use it we just need a little enthusiasm and a small dose of patience.

How to make your own animated films in Android

The first thing to do to create our 3D animation film is to download the APK file and install it on our Android. Once the platform is open, we then press the yellow button in the main menu to create a new video. From here we can choose all the details to go in each scene, one after the other. We'll be able to add these elements:

  • Scenes. Every time we touch the clapperboard icon a new scene will be generated.
  • Scenery. Choose a fantastic background: a house, a prison, a forest...
  • Actors. Choose one of the actors in the gallery or design your own in detail.
  • Actions, dialogue and position of the actors. The actors will read the texts with automatic voices.
  • Music.
  • Texts.

Free animation application that makes your stories come alive.

The possibilities are practically infinite, and the result depends on our imagination. However, if we want to make the most of all its utilities we have to subscribe, since most of the elements are locked in the free version of the app.

The videos that we can create with this platform have an impeccable finish. It could be improved, of course, but the result is incredible, taking into account that no technical programming knowledge is needed.

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