Animation Applications for Android

Create animated GIFs and dynamic images for creative purposes or just for fun on your Android device thanks to these great animation applications

Alight Motion English
Alight Motion

Create spectacular animations on your Android

GIPHY 4.9.0 English
GIPHY 4.9.0

The biggest GIF database on your phone

FlipaClip 3.8.4 English
FlipaClip 3.8.4

Create your own cartoon stories

Mug Life 2.0.85 English
Mug Life 2.0.85

Turn photos into 3D animations

Scribbl English

Make fun drawings on your photos and videos

Jiggy 2.3.0 English
Jiggy 2.3.0

Get your friends to dance

Plotagon Story 1.43.12 English

Create your own movies with 3D characters

Paper Camera 4.4.4 English

Convert photos into cartoons

Cinemagram 1.1.1 English
Cinemagram 1.1.1

Apply the cinemagraph technique on Android

PicsArt Animator 3.0.3 English

Have fun creating cute animations

GIF Maker, GIF Editor English

Tool for creating and editing GIFs

AndWobble 2.8.18 English
AndWobble 2.8.18

Create animated images and backgrounds

XEFX 2.2.2 English
XEFX 2.2.2

Animate your photos with sparkling effects

Anyface 1.0.14 English
Anyface 1.0.14

Bring your photos to life

Stick Nodes 3.2.3 English

Make movies with the stick man

Morphin 2.3.0 English
Morphin 2.3.0

App for creating your own GIFs

PocketMQO 01.01.07 English
PocketMQO 01.01.07

App to open files created with Metasequoia and MikuMikuDance

GIF Maker 1.2.3 English
GIF Maker 1.2.3

Application to create GIFs

Storyo 1.7.2 English
Storyo 1.7.2

Compose video stories with your photos

Lapse It 4.70 English
Lapse It 4.70

Time Lapse and Stop Motion in the same application

Legend English

Convert text into video or animated GIFs

GIF Me! 1.83 English
GIF Me! 1.83

Create your own GIF animations

Selfie Animator 1.0.3 English

Turn your selfies into GIF animations

Stickfigure Animator 5.1 English

Create cool animations

Draw Cartoons 2 0.18.5 English
Draw Cartoons 2 0.18.5

Create fun cartoon animations

StickDraw 7.0.825.1825 English
StickDraw 7.0.825.1825

Creating animations has rarely been so easy

Phogy 1.53 English
Phogy 1.53

Apply 3D animation effects to your photos

Framelapse 10.2 English

Create surprising timelapses from your Android