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Framelapse is the best application to create time-lapses on Android system. Download Droid Timelapse free for Android and discover how easy it is to use


Create surprising timelapses from your Android

December 26, 2023
8 / 10

If you're a photography fan you will surely know the time-lapse technique. You don't need any specialized equipment to create your own time-lapses, installing the Framelapse app for free on your Android will be enough.

The best app to create time-lapses on Android.

Art in movement

Small changes can't be perceived by the human eye. But thanks to the time-lapse technique we can accelerate time in order for events to take place quicker. With Droid Timelapse you can get hold of short films that compress events that have taken place during a long period of time, such as sunsets, the city's daily activity, the blossoming of flowers, the evolution of a storm, etc.

Main features of Droid Timelapse

Droid Timelapse has an intuitive interface from which you can adjust:

  • Video resolution.
  • Maximum length.
  • Framerate to be recorded at.
  • Focus mode.
  • Color effects to be applied.

Download Droid Timelapse free for Android and explore your creative side by creating your own time-lapses.

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