Robombs is very similar to the classic Bomberman, but with the very big difference that in this version you will face players from all over the planet


Addictive and original Bomberman clone

January 11, 2012
8 / 10

Bomberman was one of the most played games in many video game arcades for many years, mainly due to its simple graphics and how addictive it was. As time has gone by various clones have seen the light of day, but Robombs is one of the most appealing, mainly due to its online gaming mode (in which you'll be able to eliminate players from all over the world) and to its graphics.

A new Bomberman clone

The game has rather simple 3D graphics, but they provide the title with a certain charm. The design of the characters and the scenarios is ideal for a game of this kind, and offer the added bonus of being able to run on any more or less modern computer.

In terms of playability, it is worth highlighting how simple it is to play, which will allow any player to enjoy the game 100% from the first minute, without requiring a learning period.

If you like the classic Bomberman and you want to enjoy a title that has a similar playability, you should download Robombs as soon as possible.

Requirements and additional information:

  • This game requires that you have Java installed.
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