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If you are a parkour fan and want to experience it in a virtual version, you will love Rooftop Run, a first-person simulator with realistic graphics

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Do you love parkour? This fantastic title brings a digital version of it to your smartphone with a realistic feel and first and third-person perspectives.

The streets of the city are your race track

Rooftop Run is a curious 3D adventure and skill game inspired by parkour. You have to run, jump, and advance at full speed through urban circuits interacting with the environment.

The best freestyle parkour experience you can have on your phone.

Rounds are a frantic madness. Once you touch the screen, your character will start running automatically. You will control the action in first person, tapping and swiping the screen to direct the character's movements. Your goal is to dodge obstacles and enemies while using the elements of the environment to continue advancing.

One of the coolest details of this title is that the view will switch to third person when you reach some obstacles, and the action will develop in slow motion. The feeling of speed and movement is well achieved. However, mastering the controls will take us a few games.

Choose your best path in a first-person perspective and reach the finish line.

This is, without a doubt, an original and exciting game that offers a fantastic experience featuring an excellent technical section. If you like parkour or want to try this discipline first hand, this title offers a perfect opportunity. Just download the APK file for free.

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Susana Arjona
Susana Arjona
Mad Hook
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