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Second Copy will allow you to create backups of your most important files. Automate the whole process of creation of your backups with Second Copy


Automatic backups

March 31, 2019
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The creation of backups of important files on a computer is vital if you don't want to put your data at risk. The biggest problem normally arises due to the fact that the creation of backups is a tedious task, but this will no longer be so thanks to Second Copy.

Automated backups

The basic idea behind Second Copy is to create automatic backups with an order from the user. These backups will take place after a period of time preestablished by the user or by means of a direct order with a mouse click.

Thanks to Second copy you will be able to create customized backups, with the possibility to create different user profiles to separate the importance of each project. For each profile you can indicate which days and the amount of time between backup and backup.

What's more, Second Copy can be configured to send an email to the user after completing each backup, thus it will be possible for the user to be informed if any type of error has arisen.

Therefore, if you want to speed up the creation of backups, all you have to do is download Second Copy.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The trial version can be used for 30 days.
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