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Senuti is a tool that will unblock the contents of your iPod or iPhone so as to be able to access it from your Mac. Download Senuti and copy your music

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Senuti is an application that will allow you to bypass the impossibility to share the music from an iPod. The stubbornness of Apple when it comes to closing their gadgets and the pressure by the music lobby to make it very difficult to share music managed to make it impossible to share the music from an iPod, something that can be bypassed with this application.

Transfer songs from your iPod to your Mac

Also compatible with iPhones, the interface of Senuti is very clear, it will show the library of your iPod and you will only have to select or search for the songs that you want to transfer. Senuti is capable of including these songs on your Mac's iTunes or simply, copying them to the folder that you specify.

One of the uses that this software can have is, as well as easily sharing music, to recover all the music in the case that the computer has stopped working. Thus, at least the music that you have on your iPod will be recoverable.

Being compatible with all the models of iPod and iPhone, and with a faultless functioning, the truth is that Senuti is an application that is really recommendable. But you will have to remember that you have to enable the use of the gadget as a drive (by means of iTunes).

Requirements and additional information:
  • The trial version can be used for 16 days and allows you to add 1,000 songs.
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